Look at what found its way into my closet!!!

I have been doing some shopping lately and these little beauties just HAD to come home with me!!!

Adore the ruffles on this little cardigan!

I LOVE this dress. It is going to be such a great transitional piece into fall. I can't wait to wear it soon with just some gladiator sandals. The come fall I can throw a long cardigan over it with tights!!!!! :)

Little flowers and ruffles.

I think this pattern is just so unique and you can't see the belt but it is super cute!

I love this top....it does not translate super well in pictures...but it is actually a deep silkycharcoal grey and the fit is fabulous!!

love the bow detail!

My new headband.......all jeweled up!! Can't wait to wear this!

Big Bold Statement Necklace!!

Thanks for looking at my shopping purchases!!!



I have a very type A planner sort of mentality. I like to know what I am doing and I like to be in control. This is something that I recognize about myself and would love to change.

Luckily my new job has us moving around every two years. This is something I would never choose to do and it definitely takes me out of my comfort zone. But lately I am really finding the absolute perfection and beauty in being out of my comfort zone. God is alwasy so faithful in making things turn out better than they ever would had I stayed within the confines of my comfort bubble. I am slowly working through my vulnerabliity issues and insecurities by having faith that the same Christ who shed his blood for me will love me enough to get me through any situation.

Wouldn't it be great to seek out those opportunities to be uncomfortable and put your faith to the test? This is my new goal to seek out opportunites to let God surprise me. I know it won't be easy and there will be times when my flesh will fight back. But God has always pulled through and I am realizing the power of putting my trust in that.


Proud Wifey!!

I am probably going to terribly embarass my husband right now and you know I had to literally BEG to even be able to put this picture up.....but if a wife can't brag on her husband then who the heck can??!!!!

If you look closely below....my husband is holding the printed version of the BOOK that he wrote! Yes I know!!!! I am impressed too!!!

This is a project that he has been working on for the past two years and he is finally in his final editing stages. I can't believe it and I am so proud and of course I will have let you all know when it is published...b/c of course it will be!!! hehe!! I LOVE YOU HONEY!!!! you are amazing!

please not that he needed not one but two binder clips to keep it together..whoa.



The past couple of weekends the hubby and I have been braving the horrid traffic and doing some adventuring in Hot-lanta. Turns out there is lots to do and we have only scratched the surface!

Taking in a Braves game.
They won!!!

View from our fab seats!! Thanks Mom and Dad!!

my hubby is SOOO happy in this picture!!

my dear friend Theresa came to visit!

We went to Coke World!

looking at all the memorabilla is so fun..I highly recommend this tourist trap...definitely drank my weight in weird foreign coke!!! :)

Now we need to explore Macon!


Pretty Little Things

Because work is dull...but jewelry is not....Enjoy!


Under Construction

Please disregard the state my blog is in right now. I am aware that I have a header with nothing personal in it.....I am working on this.....good things for friends who are photoshop wizards...b/c I am not!!! :)


Americans will buy anything

Check out the best infomercial I have ever seen...the hubby and I got a kick out of this....soo hilarious...where do they get this stuff!!! Happy Friday!!



A letter

Dearest Citizens of Macon,

I have to tell that I am thoroughly enjoying living in your city. It is such a nice place. However, I have to say with as many cops as I have seen lurking alongside the highway, I fail to see why you all insist on going 75 in a 55 zone. Not very smart. I, on the other hand, have a healthy fear of highway patrol and will continue to keep my 60 mile an hour pace. I will not let you take me down with you. Also, if you try to ride my tail, I will be forced to tap my breaks. There are little things called left hand lanes that were created for you. Go around.

Best Regards,



Off we go

My birthday was this past Thursday and my hubby surprised me with a surprise weekend getaway. I was told to pack my bags when I got home and off we headed to Savannah. " big squeal" I have only been to Savannah once but I have to tell you that I fell in love with this town..it is adorable. It is so historical and it just has this lovely little way of making you feel transported in time...so romantic. We had a blast. See for yourself.

On riverstreet

I love cobblestone streets

I adore this house

How cute is this police car???

This is one of the most beautiful churches I have ever seen. Built in 1860

Beach!! :)

little lighthouse

at dinner

Balcony seat of One Eyed Lizzies

little dark


love the ivy....

Hubby scored some big points on this one......