My life is in shambles

There is a gigantic pile of dry clothes sitting in my dryer as I type this and promising to be completely wrinkled and in need of being washed again by the time I take them out.

There is a huge pot of chili remains sitting with warm water in our sink from last night's dinner. Gross I know.

A bathtub that really needs to be cleaned but I didn't get around to it this weekend.

Two dessert recipes that I printed out and wanted to try making on Sunday that I somehow didn't even manage to make it to the grocery store to buy the ingredients for.

My kitchen table looks like a gift wrapping station threw up on it.

I have people that I should have called this weekend.

I STILL have two people to buy Christmas gifts for before the hubby's early Christmas extravaganze on Wednesday.


And why I am sure you are asking. Because of this.

I held off from this craze for as long as I could. I already have enough addictions in my life and I really didn't want to add anymore. Hello reality tv and junk food.

But on Saturday morning I was at Walmart and saw the first book on sale for 5.97. So I thought, heck that seems like a bargain. Let's see what all the fuss is about.

And I saw, readers, boy did I see.

I sat down and began to read around 3 as the hubby was writing a paper. I thought I would read for a few hours and then do some of the chores around the house. WRONG.

I was still reading when hubby went to practice at 8. I came up for air only to eat dinner, move my laundry to the dryer, and hang out with the hubby for 30 minutes before he left for practice. When I was still reading when hubby came home from practice, I knew I was in too deep and that I would probably have all of the books read by the time next weekend arrives.

I already have hubby offering to watch the first movie with me. Which is delightful because of course I NEED to see this book come to life on the big screen.

I think he was scared though when he walked in to find me holding the book dangerously close to my face, flipping the pages as fast as my hands could turn, with that wide-eyed, lost-to-the-world look on my face. And I may have been drooling when he walked in. I can't be sure, it was all a blur.

So readers-I have fallen prey to the book and been biten(haha come on, I couldn't resist that one) by the Twilight bug. I just hope I still remember to eat and shower this week. It is all I can think about. :)



Sorry I have not been blogging more regularly...we are having some internet issues at our house which does make the blogging scarce. For some reason we are not getting very good reception to the internet right now. Imagine that. You can't borrow someone else's internet anymore like you used to in the old days! ;) Am blogging at work right now.....shhhhhh I know that is so bad!

My little sister in law is coming to visit this weekend to stay with us! Very exciting. I will post pics from the weekend and the Mercer Bears have a big game on Saturday against FSU!!! Go BEARS!!

On a very random side note... I am kinda in love with Vera Wang's jewelry collection at Khol's right now. I just received a $10 off coupon and I'm thinking about going back to buy one of these necklaces!! I literally can't stop thinking about them. So that is my rule for convincing myself to buy things I really don't need. If I can't stop thinking about it after a week I will go back and buy it up! This takes away some of my impulse buying. please note that I said some and not all. I am not a saint here.

Any of you ladies feel guilty about buying stuff for yourself during Christmas time when you are supposed to be shopping for others?


the post with no theme

  • we are house sitting this weekend for Jonathan's boss......and they have a whirlpool tub......I know what I will be doing tonight!

  • the above bullet sounds creepy...they are more family friends than co-workers...so that tub thing is less creepy.

  • We only have 3 more people left on my hubby's side of the family to buy Christmas gifts for.....we are on the ball!

  • I have had to keep a secret about a Christmas gift since August.......I am bursting and can't wait till its not a secret anymore.

  • I have NO IDEA what to get my husband for Christmas...this happens every year and completely stresses me out.

  • I almost had a heartattack over a pair of shoes today in DSW.....seriously I was so excited that I was talking out loud about how much I love them and didn't realize until a lady looked at me funny.

  • Went to see the movie THE BOX last night.....hubby and I thought it looked interesting.....WRONG...it was terrible...we were very angry after we left......I tried to get hubby to leave in the middle because it was that bad.

  • I need to get back on the running band wagon....I have been a slacker and have also been eating a ton.....why do I always end up being pudgy during the winter?

  • My life is being taken over by basketball now that hubby is the team chaplain...we are in full fledge season mode now. Our dinner talks usually include some sort of basketball lingo.

  • You should see my face full of confusion during these talks. Hubby has to define a lot of "terms" lately.

  • Am missing Lakeland a lot right now. Can't wait for Macon to feel fully like home. Moving is hard.
  • That was a lot of incomplete sentences above. I promise I took

  • My bestie is moving to California in January. I am so proud of her for taking such a big leap and moving out there by herself.
  • I am even more proud that she picked such a great place to move to so I can visit!!

  • Is November 14th too early to put up Christmas decorations?

  • I bought these shoes today for 15 dollars.....Love them.
Happy Saturday!



Had to fire sombody yesterday. It was my first time in my career to have to actually let someone go.

It was literally one of the worst feelings in the world. I could barely look into his eyes while I was doing it. He was completely deflated. I just kept thinking about how I was taking away his livelihood and how in the economy, it will be such a struggle for him to find another job.

Horrible. And right before Christmas. Gaw.

He did have plenty of opportunities to correct the situation before he was fired. But that doesn't really make me feel better. I wish he would have tried harder.

Today I had to spend the majority of the morning in the pouring rain fixing something. I was soaked and miserable.

Happy Freakin Tuesday.


all I want for Christmas is walmart.

So I went online the other day after reading the so cute Just Dandy to find the below boots that she mentioned.

Beautiful right? Now guess where she found these at?

Walmart.com!!! They are 20 dollars and 1 dollar shipping. So for a whopping 21 dollars you can be walking around in these glorious boots!!!

So I went online and decided to do a little looking and holy moly this is NOT the wal-mart I grew up with. Check out some of the stuff they have. ADORBS!

Disclaimer: Now I haven't seen any of this stuff in person, so it could b e a total train wreck IRL, but for only 1 dollar shipping, try it out and if you hate it, then I bet you can take it back to a Wal-mart store!

This grey shift dress is super cute and would look cute with black tights and boots and a cute pop of color, maybe a cardigan or a statement necklace.
LOVE These suede little booties!! Now these are perfect because they are 25 dollars and you know this trend won't last forever. I have been wanting a pair of booties but am NOT loving the price tag for such a trendy item. Problem solved.

This coat is fabulous!! Only 40 dollars!! Love the funnel neckline and I LOVE white coats during winter!
Way to completely kill it Wal-mart. I will let you ladies know if I end up buying any of this.


Discovered Treasures

Well I have to say I have missed the bloggy world for the past two weeks. I had to travel for work to Dallas to attend a conference. I have quite a few friends still in Dallas, so I went down the weekend before to stay with my dear "sister". We had quite a blast and did everything under the sun!!!

The conference was really long and made me wish I worked in an industry that wasn't so male dominated. By the end of it I was so DONE with hanging around with the guys and just wanted to have a girly conversation. I did get to see my best friend from high school one night which helped!!

While on the plane I read this:

Ummmm...I don't want to ruin it, but let's just say that your life won't be complete until you read this ( you think I am exaggerating but oh no-I'm not). It is seriously one of the most honest, beautiful, meaningful, heart-wrenching stories I have read in a long time. Well worth your 10 dollars on Amazon.

Also, while in Dallas, I went to a concert and found a new artist that I am obsessed with. I love when that happens, when the opening act is almost as good as the headliner and you get to find a new artist.

I give you Caitlin Crosby:

She kind of has a different sound. Very soulful meets rocker and her voice is very unique. She may not be for everyone, but check her out and see if you like her style!!

I'm off to watch One Tree Hill!!!