Well ladies the time has FINALLY come....tomorrow the husband and I head down to Miami to catch a 7 day cruise with my parents and brother!!!! I CANNOT even explain how excited I am to go......a vacation is exactly what I need right now. I haven't seen my family since Thanksgiving, so I am ecstatic to see their beautiful faces!!!

I will see you guys in a week and I will take tons of pictures!!!!



Yesterday I did a little Saturday afternoon shopping while the hubby was out of town.

I was in Forever 21 waiting to try on some clothes. The girl working the dressing room showed me to my cubbie, handed me my clothes and said, (and I quote) " Have a nice time!"

Awkward yes and confused I was at that statement. Ummm what exactly do you think I am doing in this cubbie. Pretty sure my short time in your dressing room will be quite like all the other times I have had in your dressing room...but I do thank you for wishing that it would be nice.......