The one where I get busted

Remember the post where I talked about giving up reality tv???

Well here is the conversation I had yesterday with the hubs.

Hubs: Walks in the room and stares at tv before I could change the channel- Aren't you supposed to be watching less reality tv??

Me: looks up from watching the same RHATL for the 50th time- Yes, I have given up a lot of shows!!!

Hubs: Really? What shows have you given up? Because you are still watching Real Housewives, The Hills, The City, the one about the flipper, Rachel Zoe, the one with those annoying real estate guys, so what have you given up?

Me:long silence............I don't watch Real Chance of Love anymore! (Hah...me thinking I got him.)

Hubs: I JUST saw you watching that last night.

Me: Crap.

Hi, bloggy world, my name is Mandie and I am a reality addict. :)


Who needs the mall...when you have online Target??

Seriously, I need to get to Target immediately. I have been browsing the online site at Target and there is some seriously great things that need to find their new home in my closet. See I am really not big on designer anything..GASP I know! All of you just fell over and almost had a heart attack when I said that. Now don't get me wrong, it is all very pretty to look at and dream about, but MY reality unfortunately doesn't include spending hundreds of dollars to only get one piece. So there you haven't..... have NEVER bought designer and don't plan on it. I will stick with my Target and as long as they keep putting out the goods...it looks like I will be okay! ;)

These pretty little flats are only 12 dollars people!! Seriously...so cute to add a little extra to a simple outfit.
These boots are so cute...seriously...I DIE! Cannot believe they are Target. So pretty!! 30 dollars.
Love this dress...such a great staple for winter....you can acessorize to your hearts content!!

Love the silhouette of this.....and the pretty little bell sleeves. Good job Target!

Just in case you are wondering, I could get all of this for less than 100 dollars. Take that designer prices!!



I'm thinking there may be an opening in the design department of F21

You know I never thought I could have a career in fashion design...until i saw THIS. Obviously, I have a chance if the person who created this was ever employed! I keep seeing this in the Sale section on Forever 21 online. It is now on sale for the low, low price of 6.99.
Forever 21, here is the best deal you are ever going to get......Pay me 6.99 and maybe I will let you send me this dress....maybe.


Tuesday's Thoughts

  • the other day while driving to work, I heard the very beginning of the early morning show on the radio. Not ok.
  • I need a giant turkey leg from the fair and a pumpkin straight from the patch soon or I may get cranky( subtle hint husband)
  • Team Lauren all the way: still can't figure out how Kristin isn't embarassed about taking Lauren's reality show reject.
  • Am actually scared to buy myself a bag of candy corn this year, starting to believe that crack is an essential ingredient in the stuff.
  • Have not gotten my flu shot and not planning on it: sick day + sleeping all day + watching insane amounts of tv= something I DO NOT want to avoid.
  • my husband, for the first time in our two plus years of being married, hogged the bed last night. i finally got to see what his life is like.
  • am finally giving in to the twilight craze and see what the fuss is all about. Willing to bet my left arm, I will be having dreams about Edward about 2 pages in.
  • hoping OU kicks some Longhorn booty this weekend!


Please pray

On my morning show this morning they were doing a piece on a terribly tragic story about a 66-year-old pizza man who delivers pizza because he loves to meet new people and bring a smile to someone's face. Well he was delivering a pizza on a Saturday night and was savagely beaten by aluminum bats by four teenagers who thought this would be a fun way to spend their Saturday night. They took the 20 dollars this man had on him. Fred remains in critical condition and is suffering from brain trauma.

God has seriously laid this family on my heart. PLEASE PRAY for Fred and his wife and also their three grandchildren they are raising. I cannot imagine what they must be going through.

Also, please pray for these boys who did this that they would repent and come to know the love of Jesus. And their families, I can't imagine how hard it would be to find out your sons were capable of committing such a heinous act.



Goodness bloggers!!! I have to say that there is NOTHING better than an entire girl's weekend! Laughing and having a blast!! It seriously was so good for my soul to just get away with some of the girls I love most.

The night started out and we were laughing so hard that this first picture was a big time FAIL....but I actually love it!! Someone must have said something funny and Erin couldn't handle it!!!

And YES we do weird things to each other all the time...our relationship with each other is awkward!!! And this picture captures it perfectly!

Me and my bestie!!

Trying to get a group pic in the car!!! We couldn't find one we liked!

At least we are all ACTUALLY in this one!!

My roomie forever!!! LOVE HER!!

And feel free to skip the next series of pictures!!! This what happens when you get best friends together who haven't been around each other for a year!!

We wanted full length shots!! What doesn't everyone love a mirro picture!!!??

Finally Alison't roommate got home so we could stop taking pictures by ourselves!!

Gaww...I love them!

and back to the self-portraits!!!

Caught off guard!!! Just keeping it real here at Red High Heels! :)

For some reason she kept doing this!!!

Because serious pictures are BORING!

On Saturday we went to walk around the OU campus!!! GOSH I LOVE OU!!!!!!! And this campus makes my heart happy!!!


ajalhjdkghalgjdkajldjafdlajdfda!!!! I love you R-DIZZ!!!( and not those are not typos...just excitment!)
WE met up with Arian to do a little shopping!

We ended the night watching OU play at a Louie's on Campus Corner!!! A blast to scream and yell with people who "get" OU!!! we won't talk about how we didn't play so well.

GIRLS, seriously, thank all three of you for being so amazing. I always feel more like myself when I am around you guys!! I can't explain how much fun I had and how beautiful and wonderful and hilarious and special you are all to me!!!!



I am off to the great state of OKLAHOMA to visit my two very best friends in the whole world. I haven't seen them in almost a year(ridiculou, yes) and I am beyond EXCITED!!!

Taking my camera, so expect a fun filled post on Monday!! Hope you all have a great weekend!!!!