Just stoppin in

to say Happy Thanksgiving!!!!! Gobble Gobble!!!



I went to the grocery store yesterday to prepare to cook Thanksgiving dinner. It was absolute chaos....I mean there were turkey cooking pans everywhere...turkey bags falling off of their tower.....a thanksgiving side dish at the end of every aisle. And every person so lost in their own train of thought that people are stopping in the middle of walking.....ramming into my cart. the entire trip made me have great anxiety and I really could not wait to get outta there. Why is it that people completely loose their manners in a grocery store??

Anyways, I cannot wait till my family arrives. T-minus 2 days. Now I just need my house to magically clean itself! :) Happy Turkey Day to everyone!! Hope you all have a blessed day of eating and watching football. (Glorious) See you guys after the holiday.


And we are back

Did anybody watch the OU/ Texas Tech game this past weekend? It was glorious. Especially being from Lubbock and having to hear all my old high school mates talk trash about beating us before the game on Facebook. My parents went as Tech fans. Hard to believe we are related. (just kidding Mom) I am proud to be a Sooner. Best game of my life.


Ok so here are some muddled thoughts for the day......I really don't have a clue what to post...so you get some happening/lessons of this past weekend.

Did you know that when your husband is in grad school you would find yourself struggling in Microsoft Works to correct the spacing of his footnotes and put page numbers on his Terabian syle paper that apparently the people who created Works have never had to use. otherwise they would have created a program that wouldn't take a computer engineer to get it to create this Terabian sytle paper. did you?

It is a bad idea to stand too far over a pot of oil as you drop in biscuits while making homemade donuts. I now have disfigured purple marks all over my chin from the splash that biscuit made.

Foundation won't cover these unsightly burns and I have never actually thought that I would prefer having pimples on my face.

Can't decide if I want to begin reading Twilight and then get addicted to a book that I will be embarassed to have my husband know that I read.

The closer it gets to the holidays the less motivation I have to do anthing.

I tried to go shopping for Christmas gifts this weekend and realized that you really can't get crap for under 20 dollars these days.

My family will be here in 3 days and I am thankful that I can say that it is the highlight of my month.

We have decided to cook the Thanksgiving meal this year. And I am scared. (read point #2 for further explanation of this fear of cooking)


Why are you so great?

Okay seriously I don't even know what to do with myself.....ANTHROPOLOGIE...why are you so great...why must you tease me with your perfect sillhouettes and impeccable details?? Why? I love you.


Suckered in

I got suckered in the other night. Yep you heard right......complete and total sucker. I went to one of those Premier Jewelry parties the other night for a friend. You know she said that I didn't have to buy anything and she was just hosting it to get some free jewelry. So anyways I went and we had a good time....at first. Then we played this game where you had to basically tell the Premier lady to her face whether you would host a party for her in the future. ( I use the term game loosely, it was more like an uncomfortable torture device.) Well I was the last one to go and she had just gotten done saying that if 3 people signed up to host parties, then my friend Kim would get an extra 25 dollars in free jewelry. So two other people before me say they will host a party and when it gets to me I completely fold. Great so now I have just agreed to host this silly party in my tiny apartment, while inviting all of my friends that do not have any disposable income to spend on a 40 dollar ring. I did, however, sign up for my party in April, so now I have bought myself some time. I really need to find some old ladies to befriend who would want this mostly older looking jewelry. Ahhhh....why can I not say no?? It is such a curse. And now I am stressed about this party. Who wants to be the first person in history to host one of these where the seller makes absolutely no sales? I need to start lurking around the schools making friends with the teachers and moms...and quick. Wish me luck. Oh and if you happen to know any rich old ladies who are dying to throw their money away on jewelry, let me know!! :)


I'm IT!!!!

I was tagged by Katie over at the Martin Blogspot!!! Katie and I were both in the same engaged small group at church and it has been so much fun to be blog buddies and hear about each other's lives after the altar!! Thanks for the tag, Katie!!! :)

8 TV Shows I love to watch:
1. One Tree Hill(oh my gosh I am addicted ot the Lucas-Peyton love story)
2. The Hills( I know I am so high school)
3. Chuck( Hysterical)
4. Jon and Kate Plus Eight(love those little munchkins)
5. Smallville( one of my favs to watch with the hubby)
6. Designed to Sell
7. House Hunters
8. Giada at Home(love her cooking and she is adorable)

8 Favorite Restaurants
1. Crispers(excellent little sandwich shop)
2. Abuelo's(love my Mexican)
3. Bonefish( love the Bang Bang Shrimp
4. Chili's(very ordinary but Jonathan and I love it)
5. Mongolian Grill(love the stirfry idea)
6. Panera Bread
7. Any pizza(ok I know this is not really a restaurant but I love pizza)
8. Any Hibachi Steakhouse

8 Things that Happened Today:
1. Got up before the sun came up
2. Froze to death on the way to work
3. Drove a golf cart
4. Felt sick all day
5. Operated heavy machinery
6. Ate a slice of mango-lime pie(mmmmm)
7. Talked to my mom on the phone
8. Met 4 new people

8 Things I look forward to:
1. Changing accounts after Dec. 1st
2. Seeing my family in a week
3. Being in two weddings around Christmas
4.. Christmas......Jesus and presents!
5. My husband to be out of school so we can hang out more!
6. Church every weekend( We love our Sunday School)
7. My family's seven day cruise to the Carribean in May!
8. Being able to have a cat!!

8 Things on My Wish List:
1. A house
2. A Cat
3. A Dog
4. Losing ten pounds magically
5. Being able to fly for free so I can go visit all my dear friends and family
6. A cleaning fairy who would magically arrive and clean my entire apartment
7. An endless allowance for clothes! :)
8. To be able to magically pass on my love for the Lord to everyone I know!

I tag anyone who reads this!! And I would love to know who you are!! (wink, wink, hint, hint!)

Under the......

Weather. That definitely describes me today. My head is throbbing, my ears hurt, my throat is huge and scratchy and I just want to go home as soon as possible! I have been telling myself all day.....I can not get sick, I cannot get sick. My boss is gone all week next week which leaves me to hold down the fort. So calling in is not an option. I know who gave it to me too. My husband just got done being sick. Silly me he kept telling me to stay away from him and wouldn't let me kiss him all last week. But I sneakily got a couple smooches while he was not prepared.... Serves me right, I guess.


Friday Finds

Check out these ornaments from Pottery Barn!! To Die for, they are so cute!! I love ornaments and one of our family's tradition when I was little was we received a new ornament every year from our parents at Christmas time. Then the next year you got to hang it on the Christmas tree! And now after an entire decade or more of ornaments, let's just say I have quite a large selection of them. But I just adore ornaments and am always looking for more to put on my tree. You can never have too many right?

Wouldn't these little beauties just be so sparkly and gorgeous on a Christmas tree with white lights??!!

And I ADORE this little initial ornament!! So classy and it would look perfect as an H!!!

And I love this little guy!! So cute!!
Happy Friday Ya'll!!!


Girl Crush Much?

Last night the CMA's were on TV. Carrie Underwood hosted with Brad Paisley and I just think that she could not be any more adorable!!! Everything she did, sang, and wore was awesome. And she was up for Female Vocalist of the Year last night and she WON!!!! She has won three times in a row!! I was literally yelling at the screen for her to win when my husband told me that I was a psycho!! Well anyways... Congrats Carrie!!! Love your BFF!!! :)


Great Birth Control

So I found this website called "MakeMeBabies.com". And you can upload pictures of yourself and your partner and it will mix the two to show you what your baby will look like. This is what my baby will look like with Jonathan:

Needless to say, this terrifying little girl is some pretty great birth control not to have children. I mean seriously, little Kenley might have had a chance had they not stuck her in a chicken suit. Oh yeah and just in case anyone is curious I also created a baby with Brad Pitt that was the exact same baby!!! I mean my husband is hot and everything but BRAD PITT??? Come on website, do I not get any difference with my Brad Pitt baby!! Haha!! This was fun!

UPDATE!!!! was just informed by RealOliveGreen that she got the same baby as me.....ok MakeMeBabies.com: stop scamming everyone.

On a lighter note: this does mean that my baby with Brad Pitt has the potential to look cuter than that weird looking kid in the chicken suit. SCORE. ;)



I was informed the other day by my loving husband that " People just don't date the same way they did when we dated, honey". Oh yes I am sorry I forget that we dated in 1958 and it has been half a century since we dated. What the crap? Now let me back up so you will understand the context of this story. I was talking to a friend the other day and she was telling me about her dating life. She mentioned that one guy that she likes doesn't ever really call her... he just texts her. So I was explaining to my husband how strange I thought this was when he enlightened me about the evolution dating has had in the past year.

Now maybe I am just weird. But i don't like texting. I really do think that the only appropriate time to text is when you are sitting in a movie and your boyfriend can't remember where you were sitting.....then you text him the number of rows so he can find you.....but that IS IT!!! I just don't get into the idea of having complete conversations through your fingers. It is just not the way God intended, people. But anyways, I think it is inapporopriate/ a cop out for a guy to be pursuing a girl and yet he never calls her. I don't think it is romantic to have to franticly type out words on a tiny computer screen and wait six minutes to get a response. Anyways just curious to know what other people think. Is this the norm now in the dating world? Have I been married so long that I am now completely out of the loop when it comes to this? help me. please.



Happy Friday Everybody!!!!! Well I honestly don't have much to say on this lovely Friday!! I have a pretty busy weekend coming up. Hanging out with friends tonight and throwing an amazing lingerie shower tomorrow!! I am super excited about the shower and hope that it is awesome......So anyways due to my lack of creativity on Friday I thought I would post something i wish I was wearing today....doesn't this just make you want to cuddle up with a good book!! And doesn't it look more expensive than 27.80? Forever 21, I love you. Have a great weekend everybody!!


I was wrong.

Of for the love of everything good, I may not go on Facebook for a very long time due to all of the now angry people spouting off ridiculous, ignorant things in the face of Obama taking over the Presidency.I thought that it would get better when the election was over. Boy was I wrong. Now let me go on the record as saying that I voted for McCain for reasons that do not really need to be drawn out on this blog. HOWEVER, (and that my friends is a mighty big however) I do not think that Obama is a) A terrorist b) a dictator or c) the anti-Christ like so many of my fellow Republicans are trying to convince America of. I am now a supporter of Obama because I believe that our President deserves our respect and support no matter what. ( This is based on biblical teachings and I feel this is surely what God would tell all of the Christians that are up in arms about Obama). I truly believe that for President Obama to be successful, he needs all of our support and encouragement instead of our anger and our fear. Because let's be honest, whether you voted for him of not, we can all agree that we desperately NEED him to be succesful . President Obama's success during his presidential term is actually a win for us all. So please remember that the next time you get on Facebook, or your blog, or the phone, or any other vehicle of public communication with the purpose of slandering our new President. Our country needs to band together and support Obama. So that dear friends, is what I am doing.

*I apologize for the political rant: I am just fed up with the melodramatic crud I am seeing. (Also, I realize that the whole 5 people who read this blog are NOT the people that I am directing this post to....but hey a girl's gotta get it out somehow! ;)


Killer Steals

Just thought I would share with you guys the great deals I got while out running errands yesterday. Pier I is having the BEST sale ever. Alot of great deals and their throw pillows are 75% off. I bought these two pillows for 8.00 a piece..incredible for the quality...and I am in love with them!! Run, don't walk, to your nearest Pier I.
On our couch..love the pop of color.

I bought this Third Day CD for 5.oo. It is their Christmas CD and it is incredible!!!

I also bought the new Shane n Shane Christmas CD for 10.00...I love Christmas and have already started listening to these CDS!!!!

I also bought this adorable coffee mug to put into a basket that I helped put together for church.
This mug was on clearance for 3 dollars!! Oh and I almost bought the most adorable placemats for 3 dollars a piece. Also on sale. But for the sake of my marriage I restrained myself.

T-shirt I bought for my adorable husband from Old Navy!!! 10.00!!

And the best bargain ever. This adorable green wrap for 1.00!!!!

Yeah for great bargains!!


After tomorrow....the most annoying part of this year will be over. The election will officially be over with. Do you think they purposely make this time miserable so that people won't even care who wins? Because it is working for me. At this point, I don't even care who wins(ok I care a little). Just so long as someone does and we end this madness. Why is it that every commercial always talks about the other candidate instead of themselves. It literally drives me crazy. TELL ME WHAT YOU ARE GOING TO DO...and not what the other dude is going to do wrong. Anyways, I have already voted. I did the absentee ballot and avoided all those terrible lines!! It was phenomenal and I will NEVER vote at the booths ever. Talk about wasting so many precious hours voting. Not ok. so anyways three cheers for whoever wins and puts an end to this misery. :)