Work-related misery

So i don't know if many of you know this or not, but at work I am considered the "Boss". It is kinda weird because I never grew up really envisioning being a boss of people. It really isn't that much my personality either. And I definitely never imagined that I would be managing 10+ people everyday at the ripe age of 23. But as I am sure most of you have experienced by now...God left me little choice in the matter! So here I am bossing it up most days and I usually DO like my job MOST days. But today.....it stinks to be the boss. I do not like having to tell someone to their face what their weaknesses are and how they should fix them. I also do not like having to reprimand men older than me for something they should not have done. And yeah especially today I do not want to answer five million questions about how to do something or how to solve yet another problem. I desperately would love to just work by myself today!! And NOT be in charge!!! So anyways...moral of the story..be nice to YOUR boss today....you never know what they may be going through!!

Also anybody else out there love their job but have some really annoying parts that are just getting on your nerves lately? Please do share and make me feel better about mine!


Note to Self

Self: If you want to continue to loose weight and not gain BACK the six pounds you have currently lost...I would suggest one major pointer.

DO NOT let the hubby go to the grocery store because he will inevitably bring back delicious goodies such as: Ding Dongs, Butterfingers, Snickers, and Sour Patch Kids(ok so maybe I bought the sour patch kids). You apparently have no self control and will of course devour said ding dong as part of your lunch.

Faithfully (Not) Yours,

Self Control


Awkward with a capital AWK

I am sitting in my office right now which is right next to my boss's office. He is currently chewing out one of my peers...and I mean they are LOUD!! i am trying really hard not to hear anything but they are borderline yelling.......so awkward!! Just glad it is not me....so hey if you think about it today pray for my co-worker..he sounds like he is gonna need it! :)


Excuse me, but I think you need to work on your social skills, sir.

I just got back from what should have been a pretty uneventful but invigorating 1.5 mile run outside after work. I usually run around our apartment complex and there are usually ALOT of people out walking their dogs every time I run....so hey no big deal right? So I am just minding my own business and I see up the sidewalk a bit a guy walking a huge afro puff on legs. So knowing my experience with these types of small yippy dogs, I do the courtesy sidewalk scoot to give myself some room in between myself and the yapper. The owner is holding onto the leash and keeping the dog in check as the dog has a dramatic panic attack at the sight of me running.
A few feet after I pass the dog all of sudden I feel a nip at the back of my calf.....yes you heard right....... THE FREAKIN YAPPER ATTACKED MY LEGS!!!!!! Of course I screamed because it scared me SO bad and I wasn't expecting it. I stop mid-stride and turn around only to find the guy creepily SMILING at me like nothing had happened. Oh I'm sorry sir did you not see your dog ATTACK my legs and did you not hear me YELP afterwards???? Disgusted, I just continue to run. Next time, sir, if you don't keep hold of your dog he may just get a swift kick to his side......did I mention I am not a big fan of small dogs in the first place and that I would just like to run in peace without your animal invading my space? Oh and then of course the rest of the run every dog made me extremely paranoid!!!



I saw this 4th picture tag on my bloggy friend Apron String's blog. I know this is not a new post by any means but I hadn't done it yet so I thought what the heck? Now I picked the third folder because the fourth folder was nothing but pictures of our apartment....very boring. So here is the fourth picture in my third folder.

Me and two of my best friends at a wedding the summer i got married!! I love this picture because it was such a beautiful day outside and I just ADORE weddings!!! And this one especially was super fabulous!! And I sure had a blast with these beautiful ladies!!

I TAG: Anyone who hasn't done this yet(all one of you probably) or anyone who just wants to!!

So it's Friday and I can't WAIT for the weekend!!! I am not getting much of anything done and the clock I think is actually moving backwards instead of forwards. My poor boss is getting minimal productivity from me today!!! It has been one of those weeks!



So my family and I are going on a cruise at the end of May and of course what is one of the best things about this cruise?? Cruise clothes shopping...here are some things that I obviously have to have...now just to convince the hubby....... :)I love this dress....so unique gosh I can just see myself sunning on the beach in this classy little beauty!

In love with this orange maxi dress.....so cute doncha think?

I have decided I need a fedora...and what better time to bust one out than with a tank and a cute pair of shorts sightseeing???

the perfect white shorts...'sigh'

I could literally wear these with everything in my suitcase and save my husband from having to lug too many bags ;)

love this print...feels very beachy too!!!


Good Friday.

Happy Good Friday to everyone. It is hard for me to say Happy today because my heart is saddened by what this day represents. My sweet, precious Savior gave up everything and made the greatest sacrifice possible....to pay a debt for me that I could never be able to pay. It saddens me when I think about the way he was beaten and abused, neglected, afraid and alone hanging there on that cross. BUT I rejoice because just three days later his body rose from the dead without a SCRATCH and into heaven!!!! That my friends is worth rejoicing......so I guess it really is a GOOD friday!!

Thank you my sweet sweet Jesus. Your beauty is unfathomable and I can't imagine what I would do or where I would be if I had not found you almost 10 years ago. You are always there and I am so grateful for what this weekend respresents not only to me but to those who have yet to experience you!!!!! I know that I fall short of deserving but I hope that you know that my heart's desire is to love you more every day and get others to do the same!!! THANK YOU JESUS AND PRAISE THE LORD FOR EASTER!!!!

I hope all of you know how very dearly and magnificently you are loved, all year round but most of all today, by the one who paid it all for you!


The strangest dream

I had the weirdest dream the other day. One of those dreams that makes you think what the heck is wrong with me.

The dream started out with me going to visit a friend. As I drive past a 7-11, I see an elderly couople wearing GIGANTIC, puffy, hot pink fuzzy gloves robbing the convenience store. I call the police and proceed to go to work. Then I am leaving work only to find out that I am now being chased by the two senior citizens still wearing those pink gloves. (and when i say huge I am talking like 'Mickey Mouse hands' bigs) I am running away from them and I just remember being so distinctly terrified of the gloves.

I went to a dream site because I was curious as to why my mind would freakishly come up with this strange dream.

Apparently pink in your dream means love, joy, and happiness. However, I don't know why I was so terrified of it.

Elderly people are trying to guide you in the right direction.

Robbery means you are suffering some sort of identity crisis.

Being chased is avoiding a situation.

Basically, the only conclusion I can gather is that the old people are trying to warn me not to wear pink gloves while robbing a 7-11.

Also, maybe I should lay off the crime shows late at night. Sheesh!


Calling all runners...I need some serious advice. I have been running 5 days a week now for the past 5 weeks. I am officially addicted to running and LOVE IT. BUT I am still such a novice and I need some serious help!! I have been running in just regular old tennis shoes thus far and I am beginning to realize those babies are just NOT CUTTING IT. This week I have started to have some knee pain that I want to nip in the bud before I hurt myself. So Mrs. Frugal has decided to bite the bullet and buy some nice running shoes. Is anybody a runner and if so what brand do you recommend???? HELP PLEASE!

Shameful Confession

Ok ladies here you have it.....I must admit....I am ADDICTED to the show The Hills. I know I know it is such a tragedy that a grown woman would be into a show like this. I don't know what is wrong with me. The premiere is tonight and I am EXCITED!!! Yes, this show is shallow, silly, and the SAME episode over and over again...but hey for some reason I like it. Maybe because I think Lauren Conrad is seriously the most amazing looking woman ever and I wish I could step out of the house looking half as good as she does. So tell me dear friends.......am I the only one who watches this show???