Work-related misery

So i don't know if many of you know this or not, but at work I am considered the "Boss". It is kinda weird because I never grew up really envisioning being a boss of people. It really isn't that much my personality either. And I definitely never imagined that I would be managing 10+ people everyday at the ripe age of 23. But as I am sure most of you have experienced by now...God left me little choice in the matter! So here I am bossing it up most days and I usually DO like my job MOST days. But today.....it stinks to be the boss. I do not like having to tell someone to their face what their weaknesses are and how they should fix them. I also do not like having to reprimand men older than me for something they should not have done. And yeah especially today I do not want to answer five million questions about how to do something or how to solve yet another problem. I desperately would love to just work by myself today!! And NOT be in charge!!! So anyways...moral of the story..be nice to YOUR boss today....you never know what they may be going through!!

Also anybody else out there love their job but have some really annoying parts that are just getting on your nerves lately? Please do share and make me feel better about mine!


Kendi Lea said...

girl -- i have a love/hate relationship with my job every other hour. at least tomorrow is friday!

Kendi Lea said...

i got them at pier 1 -- only $ 15 too!