Baby Mama Drama

Viewer's Discretion: Material may not be appropriate for male species.

It was bound to happen eventually and I am actually surprised that it didn't happen earlier than now. I had my first pregnancy scare after 14 months of marriage. Just a couple of a posts ago, i talked about my husband thinking that I was pregnant and then the dream that I had. Well the very next week to top it off, my special little friend was FOUR DAYS late. Now you may be thinking four days is not that late, but keep in mind. This was four gutwrenching, terrifying days of me trying to figure out whether I really was pregnant. And a little bit too much background perhaps, but I am about as consistent as they come.Luckily today I went to the bathroom and let's just say I may never get that excited about going to the bathroom ever again. So anyways, it was weird and it did give me alot of time to think about what it would be like and to try to wrap my head around being a mother.

I do need to give MAJOR props to my husband. The entire time he was sooo encouraging and calm, while I am literally seconds away from my next meltdown. When I already had both of us jobless and living with the inlaws...he stayed calm. Incredible. No baby mama here!! And I must say I am slightly relieved. :)



Well let's just start off by saying that I am in a God-ordained Sunday school and He pretty much shows up every week and rocks some faces. so anyways we had this 24 hour prayer this weekend and how it works is you sign up for a certain 30 minute slot. And the way it works is you pray for 30 minutes off of a sheet that has everyone prayer requests from the class on the sheet. then once you are done, you call the next person on the list who has the slot behind you. Anyways IT WAS AWESOME!!!!! Jonathan and I prayed together and we just really enjoyed this 24 hour prayer sooo much!!! It was just incredible to be able to lift up people's hurts and problems up to the Lord and know that He is listening. I put some prayer requests on there and it really was such a blessing to know that for 24 hours people were lifting those requests to the Lord. Incredible. It was such an great reminder of how incredible prayer is. Sadly, I do need a reminder because unfortunately I forget. ALOT.


Ok so you know I had to do a post to give props to my lovely ALMA MATER(man that kinda makes me feel old...like that's what my mom would say..anyways) THEY ARE #1!!!!!!! I am so excited. Finally we are back where we belong!! And you know what it is even more exciting is that this year the National Championship is in Miami again!!! Which means....that it would be super easy for us to get to go!!! ahhhhhh....so exciting!!! So cross your fingers that OU will dominate this season and go to the National Championship!! Hooray!! How fun!!! BOOMER SOONER BOOMER SOONER BOOMER SOONER BOOMER SOONER BOOMER SOONER BOOMER SOONER BOOMER SOONER OKU I'M SOONER BORN AND SOONER BRED AND WHEN I DIE I'LL BE SOONER DEAD!!!!


I need.....



So that's where all those hours go....

So I don't know if anyone has noticed but my blog has gotten a SERIOUS makeover.....I mean when I first started this blogging adventure, I just had the generic run of the mill templates that google offers....oh my did I have a lot to learn!!! After stalking other people's blogs I found the cutest website ever and was opened to a whole new world of blogging......they have soooo many CUUUUTE things you can add!! It is soo fun! I am having a blast spending WAY too many hours just looking for cute ideas. May become a problem though...moderation was never my thing..so if my blog ends up looking like somebody threw up blog ideas on it..don't say I didn't warn ya! :) HAPPY BLOGGING!!!!!


Daddy's Girl

Two posts in one day...WOW

Happy Birthday Daddy...okay well it wasn't today and in fact it was last Thursday and I meant to do a post dedicated to this special guy in my life......... so here are the top 10 things I love the most about my dad..........

1. He is without a doubt one of the most generous people I have ever known.....he love to give gifts and is just so giving...wish i could learn to be as giving as he is.

2. He loves to just hear my voice and he tells me this on a regular basis.

3. He has gotten sweeter to his entire family the older he has gotten.

4. He doesn't know just how funny/ personable he really is.

5. He has always listened to me. Even when I was little and made stupid arguments that did not make sense, he still listened before he argued back.

6. He give some seriously good hugs and kisses.

7. He would drop anything in this earth to come visit me even for an afternoon if given the chance...and believe me he has.

8. He treats my husband like a son..and calls just to talk....he doesn't like to talk on the phone either, so this is extra special.

9. He always spends WAY too much money on my mom at Christmas and she always gets mad but it is one of my favorite things in the world.

10. I am probably the only person who can make him tear up!!!



So I was thinking that lately all my posts have been way too sad, depressing, sarcastic, and just not FUN!!!! So I thought what could be more fun than posting all the things that I want/love.....

Iwant this living room in my house...NOW!!!!!

Can I please sleep in this room??

Love, love, love a good night at starbucks with Theres for 4 hours....

One Tree Hill....oMY.......addiction..please seek help
love that Peyton and Lucas are back together!!

oh yeah and these boots I really want.....but husband would probably have a heart attack after looking at the price....

this candy really puts me in the mood for fall and I may have just ate an ENTIRE bag in 3 days last week.........

and last but not least these people are my world....

love of my life......he is the greatest person in the world and he makes my joy complete

love this pic...how many bridesmaids does it take to hook a bustle...true dedication from my bestests on my special day!! :)
Welp time to go............


One Fickle Woman

That's right I am one fickle woman. I am already about as sick as a person can be with my home decorating. I am already sick of all of the furniture/ decorations in my house that I have had for only a little over a year!!! What the heck is wrong with me??? I would really rather look at anything else besides my comforter......totally wish I would have bought a cheapy Target one instead of the expensive Bed Bath one that will force me to keep it for the next five years. Geez...I wish that we could move and I could paint some walls. That would probably help shake things up a bit. I mean nothing looks great against an entire house full of khaki walls. I NEED COLOR!! maybe this could be the influence of watching too many design shows?? Don't tell Jonathan...he will kill me....especially after all of my " It will last forever" justifications to buy higher end furniture and decorations!! haha...oops! :0


dreams are just dreams...right?

Recently I have been feeling more emotional than usual and more tired than usual. Well silly me I decided to voice how I have been feeling lately. Being the kind, understanding, supportive husband that he is he responds with" Maybe you are pregnant". WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!?!?!?!?!?!?! Ok now let me give a disclaimer. I love kids and eventually I DO want them...but right now I am in the "wow you are cute, let me hold you, oh no you are looking at me weird and now I am going to back away slowly because I am terrified that I just hurt you" phase. I like kids but the thought of having one right now just kinda terrifies me. I am praying that the feeling goes away eventually so I will actually be able to have kids without being terrified. So anyways, for once my mind had not gone to me being pregnant(because let's face it, ever since I got married, every month that I get my visitor has been met with jubilant rejoicing over not being pregnant yet) and my sweet husband has to go and get me all freaked out. Well then that very same night I had a dream that I was pregnant. It actually was not as terrifying as I thought and the dream kinda helped my fear out tremendously. I think that was God's way of saying " See you shouldn't be so terrified". So I am slowly moving closer to not being scared of having a baby.

But still wouldn't you know that when I told my husband about the dream.....he responds with" Maybe that is God's way of telling you you are pregnant." OH FOR THE LOVE HUSBAND.....are you just dying for me to get pregnant. I am making a solemn vow to not mention pregnancies to him anytime soon!! :)


Am I a weirdo??

So my husband thinks I am strange because I ALWAYS find the weirdest shows to watch. For instance, last night I watched two shows back to back. The first one was about children who have a disease that makes them aga at a rate of approximately 7 years for every one of their years. Then I followed that insightful show with a show on polygamy. Now my husband doesn't understand why I find all of this stuff so fascinating...but I CAN'T be the only one in the world who watches these shows??? RIGHT??? (However, I may be the only one who watched the 1,000 pound man last week....but I mean come on 1,000 pounds..who wouldn't want to tune in for that?) So anyways, these kids last night just broke my heart. This is such a rare disease that there are only 40 known cases in the entire world and doctors can only slightly guess at what exactly happens with the kids and there is no cure. Anyways it is just so sad that these precious little kids have to go through this. One little girl is only 10 years old but because of the aging, her body is approximately 70 years old. She can't gain weight or grow adult teeth. She stand barely above 3 feet and weighs a mere 21 pounds. But boy does she have a personality. I love that!!!! I mean this little girl was such an inspiration. So maybe that is why I watch these shows. Because these people with horrible circumstances still find hope and joy in the midst. And that challenges me. So go watch a weird show today....you may just like it!! :)


Chop it off!!

Drum roll please......................................... I am getting my hair cut tomorrow!!!!!!! Yep you heard it right folks!! I, Amanda Lynn Howard, am actually cutting my hair. So i have been the worst ever because the last time I cut my hair was the Thursday after we got back from our honeymoon. In case you need help with the math, that is over a year ago. HORRIBLE i know...my poor hair. But I just really don't like paying money for just a "trim" and I really was glad to have long hair that whole time so I just never went. Now I am so stinkin excited to get all this length chopped off. I don't really know how short I will go but I do know that it will be somewhere in between the chin and the shoulder. I'm gonna send in my chopped hair to lock of love too!!! I am thinking I am going to do a Very angled bob!!!!! I hope I like it!! We shall see!!


take the picture

Lately I have literally been obsessed with looking at photographer's sites!!! I JUST LOVE IT!!! this leads me to believe that I most definitely picked the wrong profession. I should have been a photographer. Oh what a fun job. To take pictures of people, make your own schedules. Sounds glorious to me. Maybe I will get a camera for Christmas and start doing it.....i dunno I really don't have one CREATIVE bone in my body so that may be a slight problem......:)


if Jesus was my husband....

So last week i went out of town for an entire week on business...to Oklahoma( i have blogged about it alot~!) So this was only the second time in our entire time of being married that we have been apart for that long. Now this time I was getting to go somewhere instead of just staying home while my husband is living it up in New York City, but still.....I was not looking forward to being gone that long. Well anyways, literally the MERE thought of being gone from him that long was enough to make me sick to my stomach. And I was THRILLED to come back home to him one week later. So it got me to thinking...marriage is supposed to be the only earthly comparison we have to the relationship of us and Christ. But I have gone entire weeks without so much as opening my Bible and only saying a few things to Jesus. Why do I not get that same sickening feeling in my stomach that I get when i prepare to leave my husband?? I may NEVER actually answer that question in this lifetime on earth. But I just want to begin to try to wrap my brain around what it would be like if I desired to be with Jesus more than I desire to be with my husband. I pray that the Lord would show me how to experience this desire on earth. I believe that it is possible but I know that I do not currently have those feelings. How incredible would my walk be?? It is exciting to think about :)



so a little update from my post earlier about how I am being disliked at work because I am a woman. Well let's just say that my spur of the moment trip to Oklahoma could not have come at a better time. I really just needed to get away from all the negativity and re-focus myself and gain some of my confidence back. So I was nervous as you can imagine to go work with all new guys and was kinda fearful that I would run into the same type of close-minded people in Oklahoma. I WAS PLEASANTLY surprised. The guys there were SO respectful of me and they actually asked for and listened to my opinions on things. What a concept! It was so refreshing and gave me confidence that my challenges here have NOTHING to do with how I present myself but have EVERYTHING to do with the guys and how they think. I mean I kept telling myself that in my head but now my heart is actually believing that after my trip as well. God is so good!! HOORAY FOR OKLAHOMA!


so i went to Oklahoma and I conquered and came home....it was glorious!!! I spent time with all my favorite people including my in laws and close friends! I had sushi, ate at all my favorite restaurants, and bought a ridiculous amount of Oklahoma gear. Oh yeah and let's not forget that my super awesome parents drove up at the drop of a hat to come see me. I hope when I have kids that my kids feel as loved for their entire lives as I have felt for mine from my parents. Sure sometimes they can be a little paranoid and scared for me.... but I always tell them that I never doubt how much I am loved! So anyways, I had such a fun trip but I must say i was pretty excited to come home. A girl can only live in a hotel room out of a suitcase without her husband for so long! ;)

This past Saturday we went to Universal Studios with one of our favorite Floridian couples JD and Kim. We had so much fun....and I am pretty sure that I have never felt so sick in all my life from all the simulators. But Jonathan and I got in for free and that made it all worth it.

So i am starting the get Mandie to tone up exercise program. yep that's right..... I bought rollerblades ( yes I am apparently stuck in the 90's) that I am goint to start using and Theresa and I are gonna start doing yoga which I am really excited about! I have to get tiny before Theresa's wedding. Since I am standing next to her...I need to lose some weight..i don't want to be the fat lard matron of honor. haha!! Wish me luck! ;)