One Fickle Woman

That's right I am one fickle woman. I am already about as sick as a person can be with my home decorating. I am already sick of all of the furniture/ decorations in my house that I have had for only a little over a year!!! What the heck is wrong with me??? I would really rather look at anything else besides my comforter......totally wish I would have bought a cheapy Target one instead of the expensive Bed Bath one that will force me to keep it for the next five years. Geez...I wish that we could move and I could paint some walls. That would probably help shake things up a bit. I mean nothing looks great against an entire house full of khaki walls. I NEED COLOR!! maybe this could be the influence of watching too many design shows?? Don't tell Jonathan...he will kill me....especially after all of my " It will last forever" justifications to buy higher end furniture and decorations!! haha...oops! :0

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realolivegreen said...

at least you have khaki walls! i've been subjected to WHITEEEEE for almost a year now!