Baby Mama Drama

Viewer's Discretion: Material may not be appropriate for male species.

It was bound to happen eventually and I am actually surprised that it didn't happen earlier than now. I had my first pregnancy scare after 14 months of marriage. Just a couple of a posts ago, i talked about my husband thinking that I was pregnant and then the dream that I had. Well the very next week to top it off, my special little friend was FOUR DAYS late. Now you may be thinking four days is not that late, but keep in mind. This was four gutwrenching, terrifying days of me trying to figure out whether I really was pregnant. And a little bit too much background perhaps, but I am about as consistent as they come.Luckily today I went to the bathroom and let's just say I may never get that excited about going to the bathroom ever again. So anyways, it was weird and it did give me alot of time to think about what it would be like and to try to wrap my head around being a mother.

I do need to give MAJOR props to my husband. The entire time he was sooo encouraging and calm, while I am literally seconds away from my next meltdown. When I already had both of us jobless and living with the inlaws...he stayed calm. Incredible. No baby mama here!! And I must say I am slightly relieved. :)

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