Well let's just start off by saying that I am in a God-ordained Sunday school and He pretty much shows up every week and rocks some faces. so anyways we had this 24 hour prayer this weekend and how it works is you sign up for a certain 30 minute slot. And the way it works is you pray for 30 minutes off of a sheet that has everyone prayer requests from the class on the sheet. then once you are done, you call the next person on the list who has the slot behind you. Anyways IT WAS AWESOME!!!!! Jonathan and I prayed together and we just really enjoyed this 24 hour prayer sooo much!!! It was just incredible to be able to lift up people's hurts and problems up to the Lord and know that He is listening. I put some prayer requests on there and it really was such a blessing to know that for 24 hours people were lifting those requests to the Lord. Incredible. It was such an great reminder of how incredible prayer is. Sadly, I do need a reminder because unfortunately I forget. ALOT.

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