Hello there blog world

Sometimes in life you just need a break! And I have always said that I would never force myself to blog. I would only blog if it was something that I felt like doing and for the past four months there were just other things that took precedence!

There have been so many changes! I received a promotion at work that moved me to working in West Atlanta! The hubs and I have since moved to a suburb of Atlanta and have been living here less than a month. This place is finally starting to feel like home which is good.

I have also been very focused and have lost about 15 pounds or so in the past month and a half. I have just been tracking my calories and eating tons of veggies. I am just really focused on thinking about what I am putting in my mouth and trying to choose the best options. I have to say that it is not so much a diet but a NEW way of thinking. But I feel so great about myself now. It is so great to put on jeans that were tight even in college and have them fit me so great with a little extra wiggle room! And I just feel so much better. I was someone who used to overeat a lot. I was constantly regretting how much food I had eaten at my last meal, because I usually felt stuffed and uncomfortable. I can't even remember the last time I stuffed myself and that feels great!

Can't wait to continue to update this little blog. I have missed it!


Hoarding Tendancies

Last weekend, I got the urge to simplify. I looked around our apartment and just felt like we had useless crap shoved into every available drawer, closet, nook, and cranny in our home. I felt claustrophobic and decided that it HAD TO GO! So I went through all of our drawers, all of my clothes, and our storage closet with my tried and true rule: If I haven't worn or used it in the last year, then it goes.

And I present to you the conversation that was had when my husband decided to "help".

(Pulling out a huge sweatshirt with our last name embroidered on it)Me: What about this babe. You never wear this sweatshirt.

Husband(aghast): Babe, it has my last name on it. I can't get rid of it.

Me: Okay. What about this old referee jersey?

Husband: But that is like a legit ref uniform.

Me: Okay. What about this Christmas bucket hat(which is ridiculous and he does not wear it).

Husband: I can't believe you would even suggest that.

Me: You are such a hoarder.

Husband: I am not a hoarder. I just see the potential in things.

haha!! Oh my. And I thought I had a hard time letting things go!



A few weekends ago, I went down to Florida to visit one of my dearest friends, T!!! Her husband is doing an internship in Nashville for the semester so I went down to keep her company and help pass the time! We had a great time. I got in late Friday and we stayed up SO late talking! That girl and I could talk for days I tell ya!

Saturday we decided we wanted to drive a little ways and go to a farm that was having a fall festival. It was huge!! They had every southern food you could think of. Fried Oreos, Pulled Pork Sandwiches, Corn on the Cob, Bacon dipped in Chocolate(yuck). Oh man we ate so much food, went on a hayride, and watched them shoot pumpkins out of a pumpkin shooter! It was a fun day. And then we got in the car in the middle of nowhereville and realized we were out of gas. Being two city girls we thought no problem. There is bound to be a gas station somewhere close, right? WRonG. T's car tells her how many miles her gas tank has left in it. And we drove that thing two miles past the zero. Let me just say that I have never been so glad to see a gas station in my life.

Saturday night we went to her church, went out for amazing fro-yo, made fish tacos at home....and both fell asleep during a movie! Fun night!

Sunday we did some shopping. I miss my shopping buddy so much! Thanks for letting me visit T!!



Man oh man, I have been absent from the bloggity world. I feel like I say this everytime I post too! :)

I spent the past two months away in Charlotte. And I fell in love! What a great city! But it was very hard to blog with no laptop, so I just didn't. And I got back this past week and am so out of the blogging routine it is not even funny!

I have been working like a maniac! But all that hard work has been worth it. I found out today that I am getting a promotion!!!!!!! EEEEEEEE!!!!!(excited squealing)

Now we have been praying SUPER hard that God would work a miracle when it comes to my job. I am in a fast track program with work that requires me to move every so often. The account that I work for is closing down in January so I knew that I would need to be moved somewhere come January. Also, the hubs is getting his seminary degree in Atlanta and is graduating in May. So we needed to stay in the area in order for him to finish. To add to the complications, he also works with the Mercer University Basketball Team and REALLY wanted to finish up the season with the team(which ends in March). So we were nervous that we would move and none of those desires would be fulfilled.

We have also made various decisions over the past couple months(me turning down a promotion and him turning down a great job) because we just didn't feel like it was what God was calling us to do.

WELLLLLLLll, today I found out that I will receive a promotion that will allow us to stay in Macon until basketball season is over, then we will move to Atlanta which will allow him to finish school...annnnd I get the promotion that I was afraid I would not get because I turned the first one down.

So needless to say that God completely rocked our socks off and blessed us beyond measure.

It was really hard to turn down great opportunities and have people looks at us like we are crazy. But to see the way our faith and obedience was rewarded has been incredible. God truly does have the best plans!!

When was the last time you turned down something good and saw later how God turned it into something greater?? I would love to hear your stories!


waiting on when

One of my worst attributes is always looking in the future. Which is not always a bad thing except when you forget to live in the now. Lately I have caught myself so often thinking about things in the future.

Does this sound familiar?

"I can't wait until we buy our first house"

"Can't wait until we get pregnant"

"Can't wait until the hubs graduates"

Can't wait until we move out of Macon"

"Can't wait until we get our next direction from God"

"Can't wait until we get a dog"

You really could put so many sentences down here. I am so guilty of this. Waiting for the next big thing that I forget to enjoy and appreciate where God has me right now. If I keep doing this my life will be full of waiting moments instead of living moments.

I need to appreciate the blessings I have. So I don't have a house right now. I also don't have any of the expenses of owning a home.

So we are not having a baby yet. We also get to enjoy being on our own foot loose and fancy free.

So Jonathan is still in school. He is also very flexible with his schedule which is a huge blessing.

I just want to focus more on the right now and be content where God has me.

Aybody struggle with this or am I the only crazy one?