Did this just happen??

This conversation just happened five minutes ago and it was two good to not save here for blog eternity.....

My husband was watching t.v. while I was playing around in blog world. Out of the quiet silence of both of us doing our own thing........

He says: "I gotta say Hugh Jackman is slowly climbing up the ranks of of my bromance scale...........(yeah you heard that right)

Me: Yeah you are digging him huh?

Him: "Well yeah......I mean Brad Pitt can only act and kill people with his bare hands...Hugh can act, dance, and sing"

Me: "Wait you don't know that Brad Pitt can't dance and sing. Maybe he just hasn't been trained on it yet"

Him: "Hugh has been doing it all his life..........*most dramatic voice ever* I would know......I AM THE ONE WATCHING BARBARA WALTERS....


Discipline Begins!!

Ok ladies I am going to let the cat outta the bag........and tell you something I am committing to do. Now normally I don't do this because I have big dreams that I have trouble following through on.....as in I have the discipline of a 5 year old! But I have committed to run every day for 3 weeks outside!! Why 3 weeks??? Well I have heard that you can create a habit in 21 days...hence the 3 week rule......Hopefully I will get so used to running it will just become a habit. Eek......scary...I am NOT a runner. In fact I have this weird phobia of running. I am so nervous that people are going to drive by me running and make fun of the way I run. :( In my mind I run kinda like Phoebe on Friends where she just flails? So needless to say....running is not my thing. But what is even less my thing is going and working out in the gym. And obviously my post-marriage weight-gain leads me to believe that I need to get this big butt a'moving!!!! So starting this Tuesday, my work schedule is changing and I am going to start going into work at 9. Now I am used to going into work at 7 so the thought process is that I will get up at the same time and have plenty of time to run and do a quiet time in the morning. I am so excited. I have been trying for the past week to convince myself that I am already a runner!!!!(the power of the mind) Anyways, my reward for running for 3 weeks will be cute new running clothes and appropriate running shoes. Wish me luck!! And if any super-star runners out there want to give me some beginner tips, trust me I am taking notes!!!!!


Be careful

Okay ladies I thought I had better spread the word around so that none of you precious girls have to go through this. I was talking to my mom the other day and she was telling me about this scam that could have cost her ALOT of money. She received an email the other day asking her to verify her PayPal account on E-bay. She said it looked just like Pay Pal and seemed legit. So she clicked on the link and started filling out the information. She then got to the part about putting in her credit card information. She didn't think anything about it and filled out the information since this is Pay Pal and has to do with your credit card. After she had done this, she decided to call Pay Pal. They told her this email was a SCAM!!!!! She immediately called her credit card, and cancelled it, but not before they had charged 1.95 on her card. (I don't know why they didn't charge more than that) And the same thing happened to my brother a few months ago. He got an email from his ING account...asking him to verify his account. He started to fill the information out, but started to feel funny about the whole thing. He called ING and they verified it was a fraud. So ladies PLEASE be careful....I would hate for any of you to give out information and lose any money!!!! Just remember....you should only have to verfiy your account when you are actually entering the site on your own. They should never contact you through your email.

Isn't it appalling that these people are obviously VERY intelligent and instead of using those brains for good things....they use it to steal from people....MAKES ME SICK!

Over the river and through the woods.....

To Nana's house we go! Yep you heard right. We are heading to Jonathan's grandmother's house this weekend. She lives in Hinesville, Georgia which is 45 minutes away from Savannah, Georgia. I am SO Excited!! Nana is soooo cute and she always makes us feel so welcome! Plus I love watching my husband with her.....there is just something about men with little old ladies!! :) The town is super small and there really isn't anything to do there. Which is just PERFECT for me. I am in desperate need of a break from my normal life right now. Do any of you girls ever over commit your time and realize that months have gone by and you haven't just stopped for even one second? I am such a huge over-committer. I can never say no and I usually don't like to have downtime, but it never fails after a few months of going, going, going......I am TIRED. And I can't think of any better way to relax than heading to Nana's in beautiful Georgia with my way too busy husband. Hope you guys all have the best weekend ever!!! Thank goodness the weekend is almost here!! :)


Happy Balentime's Day!!!

Happy Valentines Day Everyone!!!! On this special day I wanted to post some of my all time favorite pictures that mean the world to me......I got a little tired of browsing...so I only did a few but these are sure good ones because they are milestones in our lives.

The night we got engaged. We were so happy! I was so surprised and I could not believe that I got such an unbelievable man of the Lord in my life!!

Fast forward 11 months to the day we got married!!!!!

Our first dance....I love the way we are looking at each other in this picture...so in love.

My handsome man, I can't help but smooch! :)

The dip and the sunset....PERFECT!

I love the photography on this pic.

This picture is us eating at a restaurant on the ocean for our 1 year anniversary. I LOVE HIM!

And last but not least.....my favorite picture ever. Just HIM!!! Babe, You are incredible. I couldn't imagine my life without you. You make every day such a joy. I never dreamed my life would be this amazing or that I would have somebody so special to share it with. You are a dream come true. You are the best person I know and my best friend. I look forward to growing old with you and making every picture memory along the way!!! Happy V-day!! I LOVE YOU!!!!
Ps. I mean, not to brag, but my husband is seriously good-looking doncha think?? ;)

Hope you guys all have INCREDIBLE DAYS with your honeys!!!


Hello Love

So basically you and this little man below need to become fast friends right now. I am telling you I was told about this little jewel the other day by a friend. First of all, I am a terrible water drinker. Actually a horrible drinker in general. I just don't consume a whole lot of fluids in general. But then I met Mr. Propel. Seriously, this is GOOD flavored water. I am being dead serious. Yea, yea I know what you are thinking " flavored water is not good". But trust me this is. I have been drinking 16 ounces of water a day(yeah I know I should be drinking more but this is a step up from my normal 2 ounces a day.) And that tiny little packet is packed with vitamins. If you are a picky eater like me you probably don't get all your vitamins. Well, this thing has definitely made me fell more alert these past couple of days. I mean the fact that it is almost 11 at night and I am writing this post definitely speaks volumes.

So anybody got any fun plans this weekend for the LOVE DAY? The hubby and I are going to a church event tomorrow night. It is our Sunday school's Valentine's party. We are eating dinner and watching Fireproof, which I still haven't seen. Then on Saturday night, if I can pull the hubby away from studying for a bit, I have planned a surprise date for us.......we NEVER go on dates....we are always too busy so I am EXCITED!!!! Hope you guys all have romantic Valentine's Days with your significant others!!!


Ticked off

Just got back from the rodeo tonight and something irked me so much that I just knew the only way to get it off of my chest was to blog about it. (I swear this blog is such great therapy) Anyways, our group is heading to the arena from our car. We begin to pass by a very long line of people protesting the cruelty of the bulls used in the rodeo and how they don't have a right to choose. OH MY GOSH...RIDICULOUS! First of all, I can not and will not begin to care about animal rights until we, as Americans, can give unborn life the same courtesy we are begging for animals to have. The right to choose. How can you be so concerned that a emotionless bull is being prodded with spurs, when statistically, the same people who are so very pro animal rights very much support abortions? I mean seriously get your stinkin priorities right. How about we focus on those that really matter the most. You start voting against abortion and MAYBE I will Think about trying to give animals more rights. DEAL? OK seriously sorry for the political rant but our country's morals are just so misplaced now.

On a lighter note....the rodeo was a blast and we had a great night! Sleep tight ladies.



Some of you may not know this but I spent the first 18 years of my life growing up in a little town in West Texas. HOWEVER, I have sadly never ever been to a rodeo before. I know I know how can I call myself a Texan and not have ever been to a rodeo? Shameful, I know. But tonight, ladies, all of that is going to change. I am going to my first ever rodeo. I am sooooo EXCITED!! my husband seems to think that it is weird that I am really excited to go. I can't wait to see thos bulls a buckin'!!!! And you better believe that I will be wearing my bronze cowboy boots(yes i have bronze cowboy boots and LOVE THEM). It's a good thing I am already spoken for....or I might be tempted to run away with one of thos fearless cowboys!! ;)



Every year my dad always asks me what I want for Valentine's Day. And every year I usually have NOTHING to say. So a couple of days ago, he asked me what I wanted this year. I actually have been wanting a professional looking watch to wear to work. Now let me just say that I am NOt a watch person. Typically the only time I wear one is when it matches my outfit and it usually is broken and does not tell time. So anyways, I have realized that it would be nice to have a watch at work. Useful. Well now I am on the search for the perfect watch. I want just that combo of chunky that makes you think you may be wearing a man's watch combined with those subtle timeless details. Not too difficult. Or so I thought. I have been out of the loop on watch shopping lately. Those puppies are EXPENSIVE. So here are a few of my favorites that I would get if money were no object and it grew on the limb of one of the trees outside my apartment.

Ireally like the face of this one. So simple you could literally wear it with anything.

Love the little pop of diamonds and the crazy numbers.

This one is my absolute fave. I love how chunky and strong it is.

Clearly this wish item needs to be moved to the Christmas wish list immediately. Sorry to fake you out there Dad.



Maybe it is a bad idea to drink a Grande Green Tea Latte at 7:30 at night with one of your girlfriends when you hardly ever drink coffee? I don't know just a thought........I am WIDE AWAKE...oh boy 6:00 is going to come mighty early in the morning.

Just a little poll....is anyone else finding February super busy? I mean this month is putting December to shame.....the hubby and I are booked most nights through until March!! WOW!!! I long for the weekend where we don't have anything planned. Oh well I can sleep when I am old right?!!