Be careful

Okay ladies I thought I had better spread the word around so that none of you precious girls have to go through this. I was talking to my mom the other day and she was telling me about this scam that could have cost her ALOT of money. She received an email the other day asking her to verify her PayPal account on E-bay. She said it looked just like Pay Pal and seemed legit. So she clicked on the link and started filling out the information. She then got to the part about putting in her credit card information. She didn't think anything about it and filled out the information since this is Pay Pal and has to do with your credit card. After she had done this, she decided to call Pay Pal. They told her this email was a SCAM!!!!! She immediately called her credit card, and cancelled it, but not before they had charged 1.95 on her card. (I don't know why they didn't charge more than that) And the same thing happened to my brother a few months ago. He got an email from his ING account...asking him to verify his account. He started to fill the information out, but started to feel funny about the whole thing. He called ING and they verified it was a fraud. So ladies PLEASE be careful....I would hate for any of you to give out information and lose any money!!!! Just remember....you should only have to verfiy your account when you are actually entering the site on your own. They should never contact you through your email.

Isn't it appalling that these people are obviously VERY intelligent and instead of using those brains for good things....they use it to steal from people....MAKES ME SICK!

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