Ticked off

Just got back from the rodeo tonight and something irked me so much that I just knew the only way to get it off of my chest was to blog about it. (I swear this blog is such great therapy) Anyways, our group is heading to the arena from our car. We begin to pass by a very long line of people protesting the cruelty of the bulls used in the rodeo and how they don't have a right to choose. OH MY GOSH...RIDICULOUS! First of all, I can not and will not begin to care about animal rights until we, as Americans, can give unborn life the same courtesy we are begging for animals to have. The right to choose. How can you be so concerned that a emotionless bull is being prodded with spurs, when statistically, the same people who are so very pro animal rights very much support abortions? I mean seriously get your stinkin priorities right. How about we focus on those that really matter the most. You start voting against abortion and MAYBE I will Think about trying to give animals more rights. DEAL? OK seriously sorry for the political rant but our country's morals are just so misplaced now.

On a lighter note....the rodeo was a blast and we had a great night! Sleep tight ladies.

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The Ratcliffs said...

Amen, sister!

I always thought that was weird too when people put animal rights above the rights of humans.