Wishing you....

a Spectacular Halloween!!!!! The hubster and I will probably lay low and watch a movie and eat candy!!! Hope all you crazy Halloweeners have a blast!!!


Do Orange Jumpsuits go with Red High heels?

Don't be alarmed if you see me in the newspaper for felony charges. I may indeed beat all of my employees until they bleed. I am very frustrated today and have you ever had one of those days when you have had it up to here( insert hand above my head)? Well today I have hit that place and I feel like I may go stark raving mad. I swear that I could manage a pack of 2 year-olds and have them follow instructions/stay on task/ and work better than my entire team combined.

Man I sure am nothing more than an overpaid babysitter.



So it is officially freezing here in Florida. It's true! I looked on Weather.com and it is 41 here this morning!! Ridiculous! I have about twelve layers on because all of my sweaters are boxed up under my bed. There was no warning in the weather for it to get this cold. Monday I was wearing shorts! Now for the really bizarre thing...I also looked up the weather in Norman, Oklahoma(where I used to live) and it is 45 there! Wow it is actually colder here! Who would have thought that would ever happen!!!!


Poke the Pumpkin

I thought I would share some pics from pumpkin carving last night. I printed templates off of HGTV.com and thought that all I would need was the sheet of paper. WRONG! they wanted me to have transfer paper, and graphite, and a bunch of other crap I have never used to carve a pumpkin before. So my friend Theresa and I got creative. We used push pins to hold the design on the pumpkin and then we followed the pattern and poked holes with the push pins. Then we took the paper off and used the holes to cut the pumpkin!! It worked so well!!

Me holding my spider pumkin.

and again the spider....this time you can see the design better!
so much goop everywhere!! :)

oh camera timers...where was my husband when I needed him???

much better!! I love how cute they turned out!

glowing...i know you are jealous......they look professional right?!!! haha!

our toasty warm drinks from Starbucks!
Yay Halloween!! Bring on Thanksgiving!

Question? Why the heck is it such a pain to put pictures on a blog?? That was a good 20 minutes of my life I will never get back!! :)


Simple Mathematics

Pumpkin Spice Latte + Pumpkin Carving + Mallow Pumpkins + Cold Weather + Episode of One Tree Hill + Hanging with Theresa + Episode of The Hills= One Darn Good Fall Day!! :)

Happy Fall!


24 things!!

Well basically I am bored at work and need to do something...so blogging is always a good pastime. so I thought I would do a post of things I am thankful for....and the number 24 just because it is the 24th day of October.

1. I am thankful that I have a job where I can blog stalk all day long! :)
2. Mallow Creme Pumpkins(I am salivating right now)
3. Target(love this store)
4. My wonderful husband and his dimples.(adorable)
5. My mother and her surprise packages that always come at the right time.
6. My dad and his thoughtful emails reminding me of how paranoid I should be. (Hey it's a scary world)
7. Sports rivalry with my brother(GO RAYS....Boo HORNS)
8. Empire waist anything(love not having to suck in 24 seven)
9. Mexican Food( wish they had more of it in Florida)
10. The beach( glorious though it is......I need to get down there more.)
11. Sushi(God bless those little fish that make my stomach so happy)
12. Caramel Frappucino(Although you may be 700 calories.......you are worth it.)
13. Christmas Lights(They just make me happy)
14. My church( I have some of the best friends in the world that we have met there)
15. Curling up on the couch with a good book.
16. The view from our apartment( and the way you can see the sunset)
17. My precious little car that I have driven since I was 16....may she live forever.
18. The cruise my parents are paying for(Hallelujah!)
19. The Mall of America( I have never been there....but I know that once I go I will be thankful for the mall with that much square feet)
20. Bravo and TLC( without which I would not know how to dress, take care of children, or decorate a house)
21. All my best friends who make my week when they call me.
22. All the chores my husband does without me asking(I am reminded of this everytime I talk to anybody else about their husband...they are always shocked when I tell them what my husband does)
23. Wall flowers( they make my home smell oh so good)
24. And saving the best for last....MY CREATOR to whom I owe my life and joy!!

Hope you guys have a happy Friday and are reminded of all the things you have to be thankful for.

Apartment Arrest

I am officially putting myself on house/apartment arrest. It was my husband's idea and he was joking about it...but I think I am going to take him up on it. Today is my 12th day of working straight( i worked through the weekend last weekend) and last night was the first night I didn't have something to do in a week. CRAZY!!! So I am going to not make any plans with anyone(which is hard for me because I love to be busy). And I am going to hang out at home and get some rest!!! How crazy has my life become that just vegging out sounds so fun to me??!!!

Anyways, my sweet honey bought me a pumpkin the other day when he was out....he knows how much carving pumpkins makes me happy. So I am going to hole myself in my house and carve!!! I found the cutest pumpkin decorating ideas on HGTV website...and I love it!! Since my husband doesn't really celebrate Halloween....we won't be having any spooky stuff but this is a fun way for me to still get my Halloween dose without getting into marital disputes over the holiday!!! Check them out!!

I thought the sequin pumpkin was an adorable idea....except I would probably do it with a little fake one that way I could reuse it next year. How cheerful!! And I love the idea of carving the initials......So adult for my adult life....and oh how I am into H's now that I am married!:)

Happy Friday Everyone!!!!



So I should officially have my head put onto a world's creepiest person ever poster. Seriously, need help and a healthy dose of reality. So I have an addiction to blogging and i tend to just stumble onto random stranger's blogs that I don't know....you know the old 'friend of a friend of a friend'? Well so anyways some of them I really enjoy reading and will become a consistent visitor of their blogs. Well anyways today I went onto "said stranger's" blog and saw that she had posted that she was engaged. Now let me tell you I get really excited for her. Not just the normal " Oh that's nice excitement". I am talking the " OMG....I am freaking out here and I will probably be your maid of honor" excitement that you get for a close friend. Except I don't know this girl. Not even a little bit. Wow that is not cool. I need help. And a life apparently.

Well gotta go. I think there are some open windows out in the neighborhood that need peeping into.




Oh happy day!

It is actually starting to get chilly in the mornings here in the Sunshine State. I am actually wearing an Old Navy fleece as I sit here and type this to you!!! YEAH!!! So exciting. For the past month and a half I have been reading everyone else on Facebook talk about the great fall weather and I have been extremely jealous!! And now it is here. Last night we left all the windows in our apartment open and it was glorious. OH HAPPY DAY!!!

World Series

RAYS WINNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We are going to the World Series!! I stayed up to watch the game......I am exhausted now..but it was worth it!!


No. Mr High Fructose Corn Syrup...you aren't my friend.

Has anyone seen the new commercials for the high fructose corn syrup lately? You know the guys is eating something really bad and the girl says something about it having high fructose corn syrup in it and not wanting to eat it. He then asks her why she thinks it is bad. She gives the dumbest blank stare. He then proceeds to try to convince her that it is not bad because it is made from corn, has the same ingredients as honey, and is fine in moderation. OH MY.....now I am no doctor or nutritionist, and no I cannot tell you what it is in high fructose corn syrup that makes it terrible for your body, and yes i do still eat it....BUT even little oh business major me is aware enough to realize it is not the greatest thing to put in your body.

So dear Mr. High Fructose Corn Syrup, the unsightly dimples on my rear have sold you out my friend. you aren't fooling anyone.


the smell of a good book....

One of my all-time top five favorite parts of being out of school is being able to read whatever I want when I want and not having to be forced to read something incredible boring and mind-numbing. So I have really been a reading machinge as of late. I just recently got done reading a book called "The Shape of Mercy". It is about this girl who takes on this project to transcribe a really old journal from the Salem Witch trials. Mercy, is a girl from this time period who is accused of being a witch and the journal is her account of that experience. Now if you are into history even slightly(and even if you aren't) you will love this book. This book tells two different stories in one book. You not only walk through the main character of the book but you also read through the journal of Mercy as she goes through the Salem witch trials. This author is so refreshing as she engages you in both stories. The best part of this book is that is tackles the concept of passing judgement without knowledge both in the 1600's and today. And you see that the effects while slightly different still have the same consequences. The author also weaves the powerful theme of love through this book and how its healing powers can overcome this judgement. This book is a must read. I read it in about two days and loved every second.

And now I am reading the book "The Shack". Now this book has been slightly controversial as of late and I decided to take a stab at it. I am in the middle so I can't really give my final opinion. but so far I am enjoying it. The main thing about this book is that you can't take it for fact. And I think that so many people believe that the author wrote it as an account of what it would be like for us to meet God/Jesus. And it is clearly not. But anyways check it out. Now I just need a REALLY rainy day so I can lay on the couch and read the rest of my book with the smell of wet grass coming in my screen door....HEAVEN.:)

Anyone got any good reads???


break out the tissues...

the other day Jonathan and I were cleaning our little apartment. and we stopped working and were being silly and Jonathan was chasing me around our house trying to do something to me that annoys me and I was screaming my head off. and then I had the moment. you married friends know what I am talking about...that moment when you strongly realize that you are married and that life will never get any better than this moment right here. it still surprises me because i get those moments fairly frequently still and one would think that 15 months of marriage would squash any of that newness. but it doesn't. and i love it. probably one of my favorite things about being married is that it constantly surprises me with those realizations of gratitude.

i love you babe. thanks for marrying me. :)


THE game

Well folks it is that time of the year again. You know what I am talking about.........THE RED RIVER SHOOTOUT!! oh the gloriousness that is OU playing Texas....and winning of course. The best part of this game is that it doesn't matter how good either team is or isn't...the game is always incredibly close and incredible to watch. Sadly, I usually go to the game but now that I live in Florida this game(including all other OU games) will have to be missed. SIGH. This game should be especially good with OU as #1 and texas as #5!!

Oh yeah and just a little fact that I found......the past 15 times that the two teams have gone into this game undefeated...OU has won 9 of those times. HECK YES!!!!! Take that horns.


am going to brag a bit.......and rub in people's faces!!


I worked this past weekend both Saturday and Sunday. Up until today I have worked 11 full to very overtime days in a row without a day off and let's just say that I am EXHAUSTED!!! So my boss comes up to me yesterday and tells me that i should take Friday off and rest. (Not sure whether the bags under my eyes tipped him off or not..but hey at least he noticed!) so anyways....I get the entire Friday off and I don't even know what to do with myself but I am pretty excited!!! Hooray!!!


grocery store showdown

let me just start out by saying that I HATE grocery shopping....to me there is just nothing fun about going to try to buy food with half of America at the same time. Now it would probably be less crowded if i didn't go to Walmart...but two words: bargain hunter. So anyways I went to Walmart yesterday to go grocery shopping. now there are many dislikes for me about grocery shopping: making really big decisions about what to eat for the rest of the week(sidenote...i don't even know what I want to wear tomorrow and now i have to plan out the rest of my weekly food consumption.......not easy), carrying my groceries out to the car( again wouldn't be a problem if I would shop at an actual grocery store), taking them up a flight of stairs to the second floor apartment(sidenote....it never fails that it begins to monsoon as soon as I begin to carry the groceries up stairs), and the number one reason I hate the grocery store is having near cart collisions at the end of the aisle. It seems that I ALWAYS have a near collision. I mean they seriously need to put up reflective mirrors at the end of each aisle so i can avoid the awkward " You go ahead, no you go ahead" moment post near collision. So yesterday I was driving(can you call it driving?) the cart down the aisle and of course a lady that is coming across my aisle...I can't see. So we both have to abruptly stop. Now the lady stopped because her son saw me and told her to stop and I stopped because I saw the end of her cart looming around the corner. So anyways we do the whole awkward jig and i finally pull out in front and apologize. As I am walking right in front of her, this wonderful mother LOUDLY says to her son " Well it was HER fault" in probably the rudest voice ever. WOW..so I just keep walking and feel really awkward and embarassed. (sidenote: why is it that when somebody completely is rude to me, I am the one that is embarassed, when really the person acting like a four year old should be embarassed?) so yes Mrs. Stereotypical Grocery Store Shopper........you are the reason why i can not enjoy my grocery shopping experience.

I should have junk punched her and stole all of her groceries.


technology challenged

so my lovely cousin Heather took it upon herself to give my picture a HUGE facelift and I absolutely LOVE IT!!!! Thank you so much cuz!!! The only thing is whenever I uploaded it, it is off center and because technology and I are enemies for life I can't figure out how to make it not too big for the border...HELP...cousin Heather...anybody any suggestions...until then it will just have to be off center because it is entirely too cute to take off and my stupid OCD will just have to deal....hate when computers beat me...

oh yeah in other news....one of my friends from college Lindsey got married yesterday!!!Congratulations!!!!!!!

And my beautiful previously mentioned cousin is getting married in exactly six days!! Yeah Cousin!! So happy for you, wish I could be there!!! Soon to be Mr. and Mrs. Garcia!!!



October 2nd........WOW is all I have to say!!!I really can't believe that it is already October!! Anybody know what the heck happened to measley old August and September??

Normally October brings with it the crispness in the air that is glorious...however since I moved to Florida I no longer get to see the different seasons....we have only two seasons in the great state of sunshine....HOT and Less HOT. Bummer....now don't get me wrong I love it here but I am starting to wish it got a little bit colder sooner. Oh well... the price you pay to be able to lay out the day after Christmas!

Guess it is time to start putting out my fall decorations........makes it hard when it still feels like JULY!!!!

Happy Fall Everybody!