Poke the Pumpkin

I thought I would share some pics from pumpkin carving last night. I printed templates off of HGTV.com and thought that all I would need was the sheet of paper. WRONG! they wanted me to have transfer paper, and graphite, and a bunch of other crap I have never used to carve a pumpkin before. So my friend Theresa and I got creative. We used push pins to hold the design on the pumpkin and then we followed the pattern and poked holes with the push pins. Then we took the paper off and used the holes to cut the pumpkin!! It worked so well!!

Me holding my spider pumkin.

and again the spider....this time you can see the design better!
so much goop everywhere!! :)

oh camera timers...where was my husband when I needed him???

much better!! I love how cute they turned out!

glowing...i know you are jealous......they look professional right?!!! haha!

our toasty warm drinks from Starbucks!
Yay Halloween!! Bring on Thanksgiving!

Question? Why the heck is it such a pain to put pictures on a blog?? That was a good 20 minutes of my life I will never get back!! :)

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realolivegreen said...

very impressed with your carving skills!!!