So I should officially have my head put onto a world's creepiest person ever poster. Seriously, need help and a healthy dose of reality. So I have an addiction to blogging and i tend to just stumble onto random stranger's blogs that I don't know....you know the old 'friend of a friend of a friend'? Well so anyways some of them I really enjoy reading and will become a consistent visitor of their blogs. Well anyways today I went onto "said stranger's" blog and saw that she had posted that she was engaged. Now let me tell you I get really excited for her. Not just the normal " Oh that's nice excitement". I am talking the " OMG....I am freaking out here and I will probably be your maid of honor" excitement that you get for a close friend. Except I don't know this girl. Not even a little bit. Wow that is not cool. I need help. And a life apparently.

Well gotta go. I think there are some open windows out in the neighborhood that need peeping into.



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