grocery store showdown

let me just start out by saying that I HATE grocery shopping....to me there is just nothing fun about going to try to buy food with half of America at the same time. Now it would probably be less crowded if i didn't go to Walmart...but two words: bargain hunter. So anyways I went to Walmart yesterday to go grocery shopping. now there are many dislikes for me about grocery shopping: making really big decisions about what to eat for the rest of the week(sidenote...i don't even know what I want to wear tomorrow and now i have to plan out the rest of my weekly food consumption.......not easy), carrying my groceries out to the car( again wouldn't be a problem if I would shop at an actual grocery store), taking them up a flight of stairs to the second floor apartment(sidenote....it never fails that it begins to monsoon as soon as I begin to carry the groceries up stairs), and the number one reason I hate the grocery store is having near cart collisions at the end of the aisle. It seems that I ALWAYS have a near collision. I mean they seriously need to put up reflective mirrors at the end of each aisle so i can avoid the awkward " You go ahead, no you go ahead" moment post near collision. So yesterday I was driving(can you call it driving?) the cart down the aisle and of course a lady that is coming across my aisle...I can't see. So we both have to abruptly stop. Now the lady stopped because her son saw me and told her to stop and I stopped because I saw the end of her cart looming around the corner. So anyways we do the whole awkward jig and i finally pull out in front and apologize. As I am walking right in front of her, this wonderful mother LOUDLY says to her son " Well it was HER fault" in probably the rudest voice ever. WOW..so I just keep walking and feel really awkward and embarassed. (sidenote: why is it that when somebody completely is rude to me, I am the one that is embarassed, when really the person acting like a four year old should be embarassed?) so yes Mrs. Stereotypical Grocery Store Shopper........you are the reason why i can not enjoy my grocery shopping experience.

I should have junk punched her and stole all of her groceries.

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Garcia Family said...

Ha ha! Junk Punch! I love it! You are way nicer then me. I turn around and usually say some thing equally rude back to them. I'm like Toys'r'us, I don't want to grow up!!! But seriously, it is rude people like that who ruin and make the grocery shopping experience soooooo much worse. I just want to yell at them, "it sucks for all of us that we are here right now, so get over it!"