Reality Detox

Alright bloggy friends.... I need your help. I promised my husband the other day that I would try to watch less "trashy" reality shows and watch something else. My husband keeps mumbling about how I am too old to be watching half of the stuff I watch on tv and that he wishes I would watch actual shows like an adult. SOOOOO i am going to TRY(key word being try here) to watch some non-reality shows.

Here is where you come in....I have been living in my reality bubble for so long now that I have no idea where to start?!!! So PLEASE help a sister out and save my marriage by leaving a comment with some of your must-watch favorite shows this season.

PS. This detox will not include The Hills or The City or The Bachelorette or Real Housewives...just all the other less important shows! ;) Don't tell hubby.


What I did......

This past weekend my sweet parents came in town for a visit and did we have fun!!! I took Friday off and made it a 3 day weekend!

First thing Friday morning, we went to the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta. WOWEE that aquarium was awesome.

Me and mom(check out the HUGE whale shark in the tank behind us)

haha...peephole photo op!!

in front of the fishes!!

the alligator swam up to my hand....booooo alligators.

with hubs in front of another tank!!! Look at that HUGE sting ray behind us!!! Makes you feel really small to see these huge magnificent creatures.

Mom and Dad.

beautiful flower.

hanging out in Olympic Park with the fam!

Then we headed to the Varsity for some lunch and spent the rest of the day shopping!!
Saturday we woke up and headed over to the Hay House for a tour. This hous was built in the 1860's and has been preserved. Soo neat!

in front of the door...yes I am breaking the rule...white after Labor Day. When it is this hot outside...you can get away with it! :)

What a beautiful house.

Sunday after church

my love!! Thanks for coming to visit Mom and Dad!! We had a blast!!!!!


Weekend Recap

Hope every one of you had a fabulous weekend and are having the ultimate relaxing Sunday!!! I know I am! The hubs and I had a pretty low key weekend.... beginning with supporing our local Mercer volleyball team on Friday night. I used to play volleyball and J just loves any sports event so we had a blast...and the best part is it was FREE FREE FREE!!!

Saturday I slept in, went running, and out to lunch and shopping with a new friend! Fun!

I scored a super cute Maxi dress for cheap cheap and some fabulous RED nail polish from ULTA for TWO dollars!!! Love a bright red nail!

Love the giant foot..but as you can see the color is to die for!!!!

Will be getting ready this week for my parentals to come visit this Thursday!!! So ecstatic! I have not seen them in four months and miss them terribly!! It is terribly hard to be so far from family!!!

My daddy during our dance..he was soooo nervouse and counted his steps to our waltz the WHole TIME!!! :)

My beautiful momma....really hope I look as good as she does in her mid 50's!!! Love you mom!!

Oh and because I had to go through my wedding pictures to find the above pictures...I rediscovered a good one that I didn't even remember...love this one. oh to be a bride again.....'sigh'

Happy Sunday!! :)



I am starving blogger friends. LITERALLY. Why you ask? Well because I have decided to do something that I always thought I would never do. I am trying to count my calorie intake. I am trying to stay below 1600 calories a day. YES THIS IS HARD. I really haven't ever watched what I ate until now. I am trying desperately to shrink this stomach. I swear it is the size of a 5 gallon trash bag in my body. I am ALWAYS so hungry and I eat so much. I have been trying to trim up and running every day has not had as much effect as I would like. So I decided I need to just plain eat less. But I am starving....anybody else have any tips for feeling more full on less food?



I have decided that I L.O.V.E Kandi on RH of Atlanta. I mean she just seems so genuine and cool. Now that is a girl I could hang out with IRL. All of the other girls are just a big bunch of HOT MESS. I would probably kill all of them within five seconds of meeting them. Love how Kandi doesn't take any crap from Nee-Nee. Finally someone is putting that annoyance in her place. I just really don't understand all the "I love Nee-Nee" craze that is going on now. She seriously bugs me. Thank goodness for Kandi....she saved the show for me.


And we're outta here..

Tomorrow we are heading to a Tee-ninny(that's southern speak for Tiny) town for my husband's church reunion. This was a church he grew up in and his dad was the pastor for and apparently everyone has left the church since then and are all coming back this weekend to reconnect!! I will know NO ONE but it will be fun to meet all these people that I have heard in stories. I have to pack tonight and I am having trouble since my husband put the pressure on by saying " Babe, I want to show you off so look great...oh yeah and we are probably going to be doing a lot of athletic stuff". GREAT!! So I have to look fabulous while probably playing something hot and sweaty like kickball while I meet lots of people who adore my husband and will probably judge me lots( just kidding about that last part! :) ) So I have a serious challenge tonight trying to figure out what to pack!!!
Love road trips!! Hope you all have a fabulous weekend!! :)

And this is why my thighs hate me.........

Chick-Fil-A is giving away a free chicken sandwich is you wear sports related gear on Labor Day!! I wonder how many times you can come in and get a free sandwich??!!

Check out the article below for more details!!!


Do yourself a favor

If you haven't seen this movie yet(which I am sure is not many of you since I am behind on seeing it as well) you need to RUN over there immediately and see it. Tonight...or heck today at lunch even. It is that good! Make sure to see it with a girl...my usual chick-flick loving hubby said that it was too slow for his liking.( who knew that a movie about time travel could be slow?)
Oh and bring your tissues and leave the mascara at home...... there will be lots of tears shed.