Weekend Recap

Hope every one of you had a fabulous weekend and are having the ultimate relaxing Sunday!!! I know I am! The hubs and I had a pretty low key weekend.... beginning with supporing our local Mercer volleyball team on Friday night. I used to play volleyball and J just loves any sports event so we had a blast...and the best part is it was FREE FREE FREE!!!

Saturday I slept in, went running, and out to lunch and shopping with a new friend! Fun!

I scored a super cute Maxi dress for cheap cheap and some fabulous RED nail polish from ULTA for TWO dollars!!! Love a bright red nail!

Love the giant foot..but as you can see the color is to die for!!!!

Will be getting ready this week for my parentals to come visit this Thursday!!! So ecstatic! I have not seen them in four months and miss them terribly!! It is terribly hard to be so far from family!!!

My daddy during our dance..he was soooo nervouse and counted his steps to our waltz the WHole TIME!!! :)

My beautiful momma....really hope I look as good as she does in her mid 50's!!! Love you mom!!

Oh and because I had to go through my wedding pictures to find the above pictures...I rediscovered a good one that I didn't even remember...love this one. oh to be a bride again.....'sigh'

Happy Sunday!! :)

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