Well I not only fell off the bloggin train but I got ran over by it as well. I have definitely been non-existent in the blog world.

Blogging, for me, resembles the old high school friendship that you take into college with you, promising to stay life-long friends. Then you get busy with collge life and the phone calls are become few and far between until months pas Bus by and you realize you haven't talked. And then at that point you don't call because you just don't know what to say. That is how I have felt about my bloggin hiatus.

But you know it has been kind of nice to take a break. To really take a break from all of the social networking and technology connectedness and just focus on life. And people in the flesh. And not be so caught up in the computer. I have been spending more time getting into better routines with working out, keeping in touch with long distance friends, hanging witht the hubby and other things that go by the wayside when I spend X number of hours in blog land. So it has been nice. Not to say I haven't missed you all. Because I have. Which is why I am back!

There is so much to catch up on but I feel overwhelmed that I haven't posted in so long. I'm not even going to try to catch up. Just suffice it to say that we have been doing a ton of traveling over the past two months and just having a blast!

I am so excited that summer is officially here! I have so many fun trips and fun visitors planned for this summer!! I have one of my best friends coming in this weeknd. A weekend getaway in Savannah with my parents. A girl's getaway trip to San Diego with 3 wonderful freinds! A possible trip to DC with the hubby. And a weekend in Atlanta with one of my dearest loves! Whew! Bring it on! There should be many picture posts in the near future!!

Are you looking forward to any trips this summer? Do tell!

I hope to not stay away so long!


A Tribute

She's the kind of mother, who at the age of 40ish, went back to school, worked full time, was first in her class and still managed not to miss a beat with her kids.

She's the kind of mother who would wake her moody and cranky pre-teen daughter up every morning for school with juice because it was the only thing that made her feel better.

She's the kind of mother who sat with me night after night and taught me Algebra and did not lose her patience when I cried and cried because I just didn't get it.

She's the kind of mother who drove with me out to Dallas for three years to go dress shopping for my high school prom. And I had so much fun each weekend.

She's the kind of mother who has let me cry on her shoulders more times than I can count.

She's the kind of mother who was beside herself when she had to leave me at the college dorms my freshman year, not because she was worried I wouldn't be okay, but because she couldn't bear to leave her daughter behind.

She's the kind of mother who cries every time I see her no matter how long or short in between the visits.

She's the kind of mother who brings a gift every time she comes to visit, because she knows life is about the little things.

She's the kind of mother who was the most unbelievable help while planning a wedding and did so many things above and beyond.

She's the kind of mother who you can talk about anything with. Even if it's embarassing.

She's the kind of mother whose steadfast confidence and hope in you have been one of your greatest sources of strength.

She's the kind of mother who becomes your very best friend through the years.

Thankfully she's MY mother.

Mom, I love you so much! I don't deserve the kind of mother that you have been to me. But I am so thankful for you. I hope that your Mother's Day was beautiful and I can't wait to see you in June!! ;)


thinking things

I know my title doesn't leave much to the imagination, right? Hope your Wednesday was ultra fab. Things I am thinking lately in list form:

1. My husband gives the best advice. He is wise beyond his years. I can't wait to watch him have heart-to-heart talks with our children one day!!

2. I need to have more early evening strolls in my life. They are so good for the soul.

3. Does everyone have that one friend that just manages to suck the life outta you? Or is that just me?

4.Grapefruit and I have had a very passionate relationship lately. Love it.

5. Marshall's has been on point lately. I have found so many lovely deals there.

6. I heard on the radio the other day that 100% of cosmetic makeup samples have staff infection and ecoli germs on them. Goodbye Sephora makeup sampling.

7. The hubs and I just discovered recently that we can watch on demand movies and tv shows throuhg our WII. It has revolutionized our lives!

8. We discovered an old show called Prison Break. Who knew that I could be so attracted to tatted up convicts?

9. Hubs and I just found out that Starburst makes a package with JUST the yummy red flavors. Heaven.

10. Playing Catch Phrase with competitive friends is my favorite way to spend a Saturday night!

Hope ya'll are having a lovely week!!