thinking things

I know my title doesn't leave much to the imagination, right? Hope your Wednesday was ultra fab. Things I am thinking lately in list form:

1. My husband gives the best advice. He is wise beyond his years. I can't wait to watch him have heart-to-heart talks with our children one day!!

2. I need to have more early evening strolls in my life. They are so good for the soul.

3. Does everyone have that one friend that just manages to suck the life outta you? Or is that just me?

4.Grapefruit and I have had a very passionate relationship lately. Love it.

5. Marshall's has been on point lately. I have found so many lovely deals there.

6. I heard on the radio the other day that 100% of cosmetic makeup samples have staff infection and ecoli germs on them. Goodbye Sephora makeup sampling.

7. The hubs and I just discovered recently that we can watch on demand movies and tv shows throuhg our WII. It has revolutionized our lives!

8. We discovered an old show called Prison Break. Who knew that I could be so attracted to tatted up convicts?

9. Hubs and I just found out that Starburst makes a package with JUST the yummy red flavors. Heaven.

10. Playing Catch Phrase with competitive friends is my favorite way to spend a Saturday night!

Hope ya'll are having a lovely week!!


Brittany said...

We don't have Marshalls but we have TJ Maxx (same thing)...and they make my heart go pitter patter...quickly! :) Haha.

The makeup samples...EWWW!!!

And thanks for letting me in on the starburst find! YUM!!!

Courtney said...

I know what you mean about that one friend that just sucks the life out of you. I try and limit my time with them because I end up coming home exhausted and in a bad mood. Not what friendships are for.

Brittany Ann said...

Amen sister on Marshalls! And make up samples...ewwww!

Natalie said...

#3--I feel like I have several of those. that's not right, is it?!
I had to read #9 like 4 times because I kept reading it as starbucks instead of starburst for some reason and it wasn't making sense but that is amazing! If only they could make one with just the pink ones too : )

Lindsay said...

Love the last one :) Hope you are doing well!!