The ScentPortable !!! Just recevied this from my mother-in-law and I AM IN LOVE!! i am always trying to find something to freshen up my car....and NOTHING works...not those little hanging things, not the scented beads, not the strips you put in front of your vents...nothing! until this lovely little guy. I put this in two weeks ago and it still makes my car smell completely like heaven. And you can hang them from anywhere...I may get some for my laundry room and our closets.....I just love a clean smell!! Also, at just 5 dollars these are a steal...go pick up one or twenty!!


The one about how lucky I am........

Well it has finally happened...the day where I can no longer call myself a newlywed. It's true, this past Tuesdaywe celebrated our 2 year wedding anniversary!!!!(yes I know I am pathetically bad at blogging lately
I really can't believe it has been two years already......still seems like yesterday when I had merely a schoolgirl crush on my very best friend(cue sentimental music)!!
So I am going to take you on a journey through pictures of our 1 year best friendship, 2 years of dating, one year of engagement and two years of marriage...month by month!!! haha JK I will make it quicker than that..........


The only picture I could find where we were actually just friends...I think we were two stepping with a group....look how young we look

The Dating Years

Valentine's Day......while we were dating

At a Rascal Flatts concert he surprised...his smile is fake...mine is real though!!

Going to a symphony around Christmas of 05 I think......

Engaged Year

engagement pictures

another engagement pic

the night we got engaged

and again.....we are cheesin pretty big in this pic

and again the night we got engaged!!!

celebrating after we got engaged

First Year of Marriage

the day we got married ....dancin in the field.

the best day of my life!!

on our honeymoom...killing the free pepsi in our hotel room!!

out to dinner in mexico

driving to the airport for our cruise

our first christmas married!!!

five months of marriage

at an Orlando Magic game...

Easter morning

1 year anniversary!!!

about to take an air boat ride through the everglades!

The Second Year of Marriage

dinner at abuelo's durin the summer!!

on our cruise

hanging out at a friend's birthday!!!!

Thanks for reminiscing with me!!!!! :)


Happy 4th!!

Hope you guys had a great 4th of July....here's a peek at what we did last night.......
This view......
surrounded by these trees....

looking at this flag.....

underneath this moon.................


And some fireworks shots!!!



  • July is the best month of the year because it has the 4th, my birthday, my husband's birthday, and our anniversary all rolled into one.
  • I have been living in a hotel for almost two weeks= not fun
  • In this hotel I have limited access to the internet which makes for scarce blogging at work.
  • the new warehouse I manage is 65 degrees all year round :)
  • I don't like that my husband is still in Florida right now
  • I used to HATE change and now because of my job i actually like moving and meeting new people.
  • I ventured out to find Target last night....in a new city by myself with no directions and did not get lost. It may be one of my proudest moments!
  • if somebody else tries to give me the run around regarding our move i may turn chuck norris on them.
  • I almost literally had a breakdown on Monday because I thought that the ABC in the hotel did not have the Bachelorette showing......turns out it was not the right channel:)
  • it is funny how close you can become to people in just a year and how it is hard to imagine a time when you didn't know them.