Man oh man, I have been absent from the bloggity world. I feel like I say this everytime I post too! :)

I spent the past two months away in Charlotte. And I fell in love! What a great city! But it was very hard to blog with no laptop, so I just didn't. And I got back this past week and am so out of the blogging routine it is not even funny!

I have been working like a maniac! But all that hard work has been worth it. I found out today that I am getting a promotion!!!!!!! EEEEEEEE!!!!!(excited squealing)

Now we have been praying SUPER hard that God would work a miracle when it comes to my job. I am in a fast track program with work that requires me to move every so often. The account that I work for is closing down in January so I knew that I would need to be moved somewhere come January. Also, the hubs is getting his seminary degree in Atlanta and is graduating in May. So we needed to stay in the area in order for him to finish. To add to the complications, he also works with the Mercer University Basketball Team and REALLY wanted to finish up the season with the team(which ends in March). So we were nervous that we would move and none of those desires would be fulfilled.

We have also made various decisions over the past couple months(me turning down a promotion and him turning down a great job) because we just didn't feel like it was what God was calling us to do.

WELLLLLLLll, today I found out that I will receive a promotion that will allow us to stay in Macon until basketball season is over, then we will move to Atlanta which will allow him to finish school...annnnd I get the promotion that I was afraid I would not get because I turned the first one down.

So needless to say that God completely rocked our socks off and blessed us beyond measure.

It was really hard to turn down great opportunities and have people looks at us like we are crazy. But to see the way our faith and obedience was rewarded has been incredible. God truly does have the best plans!!

When was the last time you turned down something good and saw later how God turned it into something greater?? I would love to hear your stories!