Feast your eyes...

On this beauty from Target.....this could be true love!

they really love me!

You know you have the greatest friends in the entire world when they either:

a) throw the most fun going away party for you and all of your lovely friends

b) offer to come over to your house and help you go through your closet and get rid of clothes

c) offer to go to the grocery store for you and get boxes

d) insist they are moving to Macon, Ga with you

And yes my friends have done all of the above in the past week or so!!! Here's to the greatest people ever!!! Thanks for making Lakeland INCREDIBLY hard to leave!! :)



drumroll please...........................................................

WE ARE MOVING TO Macon, Georgia!!!!!
We have to move there by June 22 which makes everything VERY quick!! For those of you that don't know where Macon is it is about 80 miles south of Atlanta, Ga. So we will be close enough to Atlanta to be able to do fun things every now and then without having to deal with the traffic and violence!!!! Which is great!
We are moving for my job. I am in a fast track management program that requires you to move fairly often, so we knew this was coming at some point.
I am trying to be positive about it. We are going and there is really nothing we can do about it. It is very hard to leave the place and people we have come to love here in Lakeland, Florida but I know God is going to do great things in Macon. Please pray for us this weekend...we are driving up there tonight and will begin our search for two days to look for a place to live. Hopefully we will be able to find something we love in a good area and hopfully not too far from work.
Oh and did I mention that we found out a month before we even had any idea that we were moving, that Jonathan's family is moving back to Georgia. Turns out they will be about two hours away from us!!!!!!! wahooo....isn't God great!!
This is so exciting since we have not lived within 21 hours of either side of the family for 2 years now...so that is definitely a blessing!!
Anyways, we are very positive about this and doing well with the news...but please pray for our transition...I am sure it will set in when we get up there and realize we have no friends :( then we will most likely have a hard time!!!



....I have no patience today for uploading pictures from our cruise....check out this adorable little girl...with a whole lot to say!!!!


Stay tuned for the picture post!!! :)


We're Back!!

We are back from our amazing cruise.....we had so much fun and I probably gained about 12 pounds from all the food I consumed but it was worth it!!!! I am still catching up on life right now...but stay tuned for a picture filled post from the cruise and also a BIG FUN announcement!!!!