Hello there blog world

Sometimes in life you just need a break! And I have always said that I would never force myself to blog. I would only blog if it was something that I felt like doing and for the past four months there were just other things that took precedence!

There have been so many changes! I received a promotion at work that moved me to working in West Atlanta! The hubs and I have since moved to a suburb of Atlanta and have been living here less than a month. This place is finally starting to feel like home which is good.

I have also been very focused and have lost about 15 pounds or so in the past month and a half. I have just been tracking my calories and eating tons of veggies. I am just really focused on thinking about what I am putting in my mouth and trying to choose the best options. I have to say that it is not so much a diet but a NEW way of thinking. But I feel so great about myself now. It is so great to put on jeans that were tight even in college and have them fit me so great with a little extra wiggle room! And I just feel so much better. I was someone who used to overeat a lot. I was constantly regretting how much food I had eaten at my last meal, because I usually felt stuffed and uncomfortable. I can't even remember the last time I stuffed myself and that feels great!

Can't wait to continue to update this little blog. I have missed it!