This past weekend my husband and I went to a wedding of a long time friend of his in North Atlanta. Of course I was ecstatic about the wedding because I would probably go to a different wedding each night if I could. There is just something so magical about weddings...watching two people choose each other for forever..sigh.

Anyways, this wedding was particularly magical because the couple is just AMAZING. They had their VERY first kiss up at the altar....so romantic. Well, God did something INCREDIBLE at this wedding and I couldn't NOT share it with ya'll.

So the bride's name is Jamie and the groom's name is Jamie..too funny, right? About two years ago, Jamie(girl) went on a mission trip to Haiti and just fell in love with the people there. She was reading a verse in the Bible where Jesus talks about the wedding and how you should also include the poor in your wedding. She really felt like God was speaking to her about doing something incredible at her wedding to include and honor the less fortunate and she really wanted to center it around her new passion for the hearts of Haiti.

So fast forward a year-Jamie and her fiance decide that they want to do an offering to raise money for the people of Haiti at their reception. They also decide that they want to donate one meal to a child of Haiti for each person that attends their wedding. So they begin to put it into the works and even have a representative from Haiti to speak at their reception.

Well, let me first just say that I don't believe in coincidences. I just don't. And the fact that there was an earthquake in Haiti a mere few DAYS before their wedding was not a coincidence.

I mean just thinking about the way it was all orchestrated just gives me chills. God was not surprised by this earthquake and he already knew the ways that he would provide financially for these people. He put this thought in the heart of Jamie TWO years before the earthquake even happened. He also knew when their wedding would be and knew what a perfect time these funds would be given.

I tell you this today to offer some hope to those of you are going through things you don't understand right now-I pray that this little story of faith and hope and God's provision will calm your heart and give you hope that whatever you are going through....that God has known about it for forever and he knows JUST what you need. If you ever doubt that please know that from this story...God intervenes and does things we can't begin to understand. If you are going through a valley right now- I hope his provision finds you and fills you with such grace and peace that you would always know how precious and loved we are as his children. :)


Buncha Crazies

Recap of my thoughts on last night's hot mess/ The Bachelor:

  • Hey Jake- news flash- don't pick dates that require you to look like a little wussy man on tv. I mean there is nothing remotely attractive about you almost crying as you FORCE your date to jump to her death off a bridge. Pick the date and man up....or stick with someone a little less scary.
  • Vienna-really Jake? I don't get this one...the girl is about as mature as a 5 year old.
  • Tenley-showing your crotch and bum to the audience is NOT anyone's idea of funny.
  • Best quote of the night: Jake as he sends home desperado(Michelle) " I think it would be better if you left, we don't really need to wait for a rose ceremony". Yes way to man up Jake!
  • Ashleigh- have you ever actually SEEN the past season of The Bachelor? Any girl that uses all of her alone time to talk about another girl has NEVER had any luck on this show. Just some advice.
  • Ditto for you Allie.
  • Hey ABC: can you please look through your footage and show me why everyone hates Vienna....oh yeah and I am still waiting on a definiton of 'inappropriate behavior'.
  • So does anyone even know who Jessie is??? She has definitely not been shown at all??How random of him to pick her,
  • Elizabeth is Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde- she doesn't want him to kiss here...but she does want to share her sexual escapades in front of a live audience? Confused much?
  • Alli-take a chill pill....he really likes you I think...you don't have to be mean to Vienna..just be yourself.
  • I REALLY like Corrie- she is adorable...wish they would show more of her!

Did you guys watch last night??? What do you think of this bunch of crazies?? This is a very entertaining season to watch!


Baby it's cold outside

To go along with the rest of the blogosphere....I must say that it is unseasonably cold here in little ol Georgia! I am freezing my bum off and I have literally been living in my coat for the past few weeks. I love a great coat and how it can make you feel so polished no matter what you are wearing underneath......I could be wearing a trash bag or pajamas underneath and as long as I have a great coat on...no one will be any the wiser. And if this weather doesn't go away very quickly I may actually have to result to wearing trash bags since I am running out of cold weather clothing. ;)

Here are some beauties that I am drooling over and wish I could add to my little closet during this harsh few weeks of winter....... I give you a week in coats!


I mean if this isn't the definition of an adorable little trenchcoat...then I don't know what is.


I mean honestly,the detail on this jacket is just beyond. The neck, the little pleats, the little cinching at the waist. Wish I could get away with the model's fab haircut too!


I just adore white coats in the winter...never mind that they get ridiculously dirty. Doesn't this just scream...walk through a snow covered park in me?


This is a leather jacket people.......OhmygoodnessIlovethismorethanwordscansay. Maybe it is not the warmest thing...but if loving this jacket is wrong...I don't want to be right.

Ok this looks like a dress......Just pair with cute textured tights and you don't even need to wear anything else. You can thank me later for getting you dressed in ten seconds.


And where would this little group be without a red jacket...and it is leather to boot...pair with some skinnies and great heels...and you are ready to tackle your Saturday errands.


Alright...I can't even see the front of this jacket...and you know what?? IDONTCARE. It doesn't matter...this coat could be disastrous in the front and I would probably still love it...oh that back is just beautiful...perfect and dainty for Sunday at church!!

Now I just need to win the lottery! ;)


Hey there twenty-ten

Well hello there love!!! I can't believe that it is already 2010! Hope everyone had a FABULOUS Christmas and a wonderful ringing of the New Year!! I am so glad to be back to regular life....I had a blast at home but had no schedule and am now getting into the swing of things! And since I am not living on a pod in space or driving a hover car in 2010....I will just post some New Years Resolutions, ok? OK!

Now I would really like to believe that I WILL incorporate ALL of these below..but let's get real. Who REALLY incorporates their New Year's Resolutions! Here's to hoping I can at least make 50% this year!! ;)

1. Be committed to working out at least four days a week EVERY week.

2. Run in a race this year..whether it be a 5K or a one miler!

3. Lose those 10 pounds I have gaine.

4. Try not to be so sensitive when it comes to those I care about.

5.Become more involved in our new hometown. We have lived here for a while, but I don't know where the time has gone and I really want to get more involved with our church and community.

6.Focus on really growing in my realationship with Christ. Continuing to get closer to Him and know more about who He is and what he desires my character to look like.

7. Become the next Giada...ok not really that great of a cook...but at least change things up so my husband doesn't expect the same meal each night.

8. Learn to knit. I just really want to knit my own scarves. It looks like such a therapeutic hobby.

9. Try to throw things out more this year. I am such a PACK RAT!!! I have a hard time getting rid of anything and that makes life tough living in a two bedroom apartment. I want to cleanse my life of all the stuff more frequently.

10. Be more thankful.....I have such a blessed life. I want to try to have more persepective and be even more grateful for the small things.

If I can learn to be and do all 10 of those things....2010 will be wonderful!!