Buncha Crazies

Recap of my thoughts on last night's hot mess/ The Bachelor:

  • Hey Jake- news flash- don't pick dates that require you to look like a little wussy man on tv. I mean there is nothing remotely attractive about you almost crying as you FORCE your date to jump to her death off a bridge. Pick the date and man up....or stick with someone a little less scary.
  • Vienna-really Jake? I don't get this one...the girl is about as mature as a 5 year old.
  • Tenley-showing your crotch and bum to the audience is NOT anyone's idea of funny.
  • Best quote of the night: Jake as he sends home desperado(Michelle) " I think it would be better if you left, we don't really need to wait for a rose ceremony". Yes way to man up Jake!
  • Ashleigh- have you ever actually SEEN the past season of The Bachelor? Any girl that uses all of her alone time to talk about another girl has NEVER had any luck on this show. Just some advice.
  • Ditto for you Allie.
  • Hey ABC: can you please look through your footage and show me why everyone hates Vienna....oh yeah and I am still waiting on a definiton of 'inappropriate behavior'.
  • So does anyone even know who Jessie is??? She has definitely not been shown at all??How random of him to pick her,
  • Elizabeth is Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde- she doesn't want him to kiss here...but she does want to share her sexual escapades in front of a live audience? Confused much?
  • Alli-take a chill pill....he really likes you I think...you don't have to be mean to Vienna..just be yourself.
  • I REALLY like Corrie- she is adorable...wish they would show more of her!

Did you guys watch last night??? What do you think of this bunch of crazies?? This is a very entertaining season to watch!


Marsha Melton said...

Where did they come up with all these drama queens - seriously - I agree with you totally - and the poor girl who left last night (not Elizabeth the other one) I didn't even know her name! Good riddance Elizabeth. And Vienna should NOT let them film her without full makeup!!

I'm beginning to feel sorry for Jake trying to keep all these girls from being mean to each other!!

Love ya, Mom

Tiffany said...

I like Corrie too and I LOVE Ali and her entire wardrobe! And unfortunately, I had no will-power and read a spoiler and I know who wins. And I'm not thrilled....

Oh the Bachelor...how do I get so wrapped up in thee...