This past weekend my husband and I went to a wedding of a long time friend of his in North Atlanta. Of course I was ecstatic about the wedding because I would probably go to a different wedding each night if I could. There is just something so magical about weddings...watching two people choose each other for forever..sigh.

Anyways, this wedding was particularly magical because the couple is just AMAZING. They had their VERY first kiss up at the altar....so romantic. Well, God did something INCREDIBLE at this wedding and I couldn't NOT share it with ya'll.

So the bride's name is Jamie and the groom's name is Jamie..too funny, right? About two years ago, Jamie(girl) went on a mission trip to Haiti and just fell in love with the people there. She was reading a verse in the Bible where Jesus talks about the wedding and how you should also include the poor in your wedding. She really felt like God was speaking to her about doing something incredible at her wedding to include and honor the less fortunate and she really wanted to center it around her new passion for the hearts of Haiti.

So fast forward a year-Jamie and her fiance decide that they want to do an offering to raise money for the people of Haiti at their reception. They also decide that they want to donate one meal to a child of Haiti for each person that attends their wedding. So they begin to put it into the works and even have a representative from Haiti to speak at their reception.

Well, let me first just say that I don't believe in coincidences. I just don't. And the fact that there was an earthquake in Haiti a mere few DAYS before their wedding was not a coincidence.

I mean just thinking about the way it was all orchestrated just gives me chills. God was not surprised by this earthquake and he already knew the ways that he would provide financially for these people. He put this thought in the heart of Jamie TWO years before the earthquake even happened. He also knew when their wedding would be and knew what a perfect time these funds would be given.

I tell you this today to offer some hope to those of you are going through things you don't understand right now-I pray that this little story of faith and hope and God's provision will calm your heart and give you hope that whatever you are going through....that God has known about it for forever and he knows JUST what you need. If you ever doubt that please know that from this story...God intervenes and does things we can't begin to understand. If you are going through a valley right now- I hope his provision finds you and fills you with such grace and peace that you would always know how precious and loved we are as his children. :)


Brittany Ann said...

That is an amazing story! What a blessed and beautiful couple! God is good!

Courtney said...

Oh my gosh, I got chills just reading this post. You're right, God has perfect timing for everything! What an awesome godly couple!

Kendi Lea said...

Mandie --

You are just as precious as ever. What an amazing story. I agree -- there are no coincidences, only God's perfect timing.

I needed this blog post :) Thanks for writing it.

Sweet Simplicity said...

Isn't it amazing how God works??

Kristin said...

What an incredibly special wedding. What fabulous people they must be to have such generous hearts!