Ahhh....I can't believe how long it has been since I posted! I have been neglecting this poor little blog here lately! But it is not for lack of trying...I have been trying to post some super fun weekend pictures from my trip back to our old hometown....but blogger apparently hates me and won't post any of these fun memories! And I am ashamed to admit how many times I have tried. ;) But I will prevail, blogger. You won't get the best of me.

In the meantime...I thought we should chat about my favorite train wreck of a show......THE BACHELOR! Did you all watch? What did you think?

Here is my rundown on thoughts from the least dramatic episode ever.

Tenley: I thought their date was just adorable......I mean Jake why even finish out this show...just marry the dang girl already!! You two are presh!

And the fact that they both put the same thing on their fortune cookie was adorable.

Two-on-one awkwardness: I think they should call this episode "Attack of the clingy sausage: Vienna Part One.

Ouch that was kinda harsh...but true. I mean this girl is kinda getting stalkerish possessive over little Jakey-poo. Nauseating to say the least. I feel like I now understand why all the girls want her gone now.....this girl gets on EVERY one of my last nerves.

Gia: Way to mack down on Jakey boy. Good job-but do you guys do anything else? I don't think she will make it past next week.

Corrie: Finally a girl on the show with some virtue!! LOVE THIS girl!! Don't worry honey you will find somebody else. you are too cute!

I want to be mad at Jake for getting rid of Corrie....but then I think about the awkward boat ride staring at each other and realize...yeah he made the right choice to send her home.

Ali: It only took you 5 episodes to find your hairbrush in that suitcase of yours. I am so proud.

Also, thanks to you there are now mothers all across San Francisco having to explain to their children why "that lady was sitting on that man that way in the park". Seriously-straddling your man in a public park=Not cool...get a room.

Jake: I actually like you and I think you really want to find love. But I have to say that if you pick Vienna any more...this friendship is over.

Who do you guys think will fair well with the parents? Also, I wonder what the big teaser about another drama and Jake getting his heart broken will be about? We shall see!


Brittany said...

Welcome back!!!!

The Shirey's said...

Good recap Mandy! I cannot stand Vienna and cannot understand why he doesn't see how annoying she is. I love Ali but the park thing, was yes, inappropriate. Way curious about next week - ABC did a good job of making sure I come back to watch!

Good to see you a few weeks ago!

Juliana said...

Great recap...I think V needs to go bye bye and go date Flava Flav or something or Brett Michaels!