For the love

I hope that all of my lovely bloggy friends had a delightful Valentine's Day weekend.

I wish I could regale you with the tales of my wonderfully romantic weekend celebrating with my hubby. But alas...I cannot.

The Hubs was out of town this weekend with the team that he works with....so I was single and lonely for the weekend. And man o man did it suck!

So instead of getting all weepy and sad on you about how I was without my better half for the weekend...I figured I could focus on happier things!

So I figured now is as good a time as any to tell you all the story of how the hubs proposed. Because let's face it.....engagement stories always make me happy!!

So just to preface this story with the fact that I LOVE surprises!! I mean really love them. So J set out to make sure that I got the most surprises out of my engagement that anyone could.

He had the spent the entire summer working at a church in Georgia...while I was in Oklahoma. It was a very hard summer and I was missing him terribly! The time had finally come for him to come home from Georgia. He had told me he would be home on a Thursday. Monday night I went to work and as I was driving home, J called me just to talk. So we chatted and when I pulled into the driveway, he told me he needed to get off. Okay nothing out of the ordinary. So I walk into my house and HE IS SITTING on my couch!! I freaked out!! I was so excited!!! So that was surprise #1.

Well then he asks me if I want to go hang out at his parents house in the city. I am so ridiculously glad he is home after three long months that I am pretty sure I would have gone anywhere with him at that point and not thought anything of it. I was so excited to be around him...I completely forgot to change...which I would later regret as I was still in my work clothes..and they were NOT CUTE!

So we get to his parent's house and he tells me that he has a surprise for me for my birthday which was a few weeks earlier. We walk outside onto his parent's patio and there are dozens of Christmas lights strung everywhere..in August. I LOVE CHRISTMAS lights and I have always said that I wanted to be proposed to and have Christmas lights around.( Cue Surprise #2)

so the hubs then showers me with tons of great presents for my birthday.

Then he unveils a painting that he did with the words of a saying that we always said to each other.(Cue Surprise #3)

Then he hands me a golf ball and aks me if I recognize it. Well at this point I am just entirely confused. After all of the great gifts, why is he handing me a golf ball??? of course I have no clue and then he reminds me of the story behind it.

The story behind the golf ball:
The night that he asked me to be his girlfriend we were sitting in his car after a night of hanging out. He happened to have a golf ball sitting in the console between us in the car. He picked it up and started nervously playing with it...and he kept dropping it and it kept bouncing all over the car as he was stumbling over his words. So I remember being slightly annoyed by this dang distracting ball...so I grabbed the ball and basically told him in so many words to spit it out. Well after that he asked me to be his girlfriend.

Alright back to the engagement story. So this was the same golf ball that was from that night...he had kept it for two years. So he told me about how he puts my first initial on all of his golfballs when he plays( he is a big golfer). At this point I am going"why in the world are you telling me this?"

He then tells me that he would like to be able to start putting an H behing the M. (H is his last name). Then he got down on one knee and the rest is history. I freaked out and was completely surprised.

Then his brother jumps out from the balcony with the video camera that had recorded the entire thing!!

WHEW that was a very long winded version. But hey it is hard because there were so many details that were so specific to us that make no sense if you don't the stories behind them. So there you have it...our fairytale story of how we started our journey to become the Mr and Mrs 4 years ago!!!

Thanks for letting me relive all of the gushy details!


Courtney said...

CUTE!!! I LOVE engagement stories, they're my favorite part. I was actually planning on telling ours later this week in honor of month of love! =)
Tell him good job!

Brittany Ann said...

That is adorable! What a great proposal!

Michele said...

We are so glad he proposed! Love you girl!!!!!

Aunt Michele

Brittany said...

How sweet! You are right, there is nothing better than hearing an engagement story :)