the excitment that is my life

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!! It was absolutely GORGEOUS and Sunshiney here this past weekend!! I almost didn't even know how to dress myself...what I don't need five layers to go outside??? I only needed to put on one shirt...I forgot how easy peasy it is to dress when it is warm outside.

On to the weekend highlights:

Hubster and I went on a rare date!! woo hoo....he is usally gone most weekends with the team and so I was ecstatic to have him all to myself. We went to see Valentine's Day! It was too cute!

Highlight: Snuggling with Hubby Friday afternoon before the movie. :)

Saturday: Sister in law came in town! Went to hubby's basketball game with her! After the game, we got some pizza and spent the night watching Curling with the hubby!

Highlight: Got to see the sister in law.
Also, our apartment gym finally replaced the broken treadmill. When I walked in on Saturday to run...it was like the heavenlies parted and were singing just for me! Did I mention that I hate running on the elliptical and that is what I have had to run on for the past two months. For some reason it makes me look and feel like a complete spazz....can I get an Amen?
Who knew gym equipment could bring me such joy.

Sunday: A whole lotta nothing...which is about par for the course on Sundays. Went to church, lazed around the rest of the day. Finished the book I have been reading. Did some laundry!

Highlight: ummmmm........sleeping in on Sunday and having the hubby home!


Courtney said...

I HATE the elliptical machine, I always manage to look like a loser on it. I bet you're glad you can get back to good old fashioned running!

Brittany said...

Sounds like a wonderful weekend! I love lazy Sunday afternoons.

Mr and Mrs. Stoneking said...


Brittany Ann said...

Know what you mean. I hate elliptical machines!

Lindsay said...

What a nice weekend :)