too much to handle

So who watched The Bachelor last night ladies? I almost threw up in my mouth when he picked Vienna at the rose ceremony.

Oh well..let's get to the thoughts:

Gia's Date: I thought their date was the best one of the night. So normal just walking through the beautiful town. They are supercute together.

But honestly....I almost laughed out loud when Jake was TYRING to dance to the reggae music.

Love the hammock over the ocean..I mean talk about unbelievable.

And ouch that comment about how he was surprised she was actually deep...ouch Jake honest much?

Tenley's Date:

Alright Tenley....you know I love you and I think you are adorable...but seriously you and Jake need to talk about something else besides your ex husband. I am starting to think you are not over him.

That helicopter ride was gorgeous!

I think these two are adorbs....but something tells me he won't pick her...even though he should. She is going to get her heart broken.

Vienna's Date: oh lord where do I start with this girl. She licked him first off......ummmmmmmm I am at a loss for words.

Can anybody tell me what that bizarre tattoo is on her side? Yuck!

I feel like she is reading off of a script when she tells Jake how she "feels". This girl is about as real as a ten dollar hair weave.

I'm sorry but that white lingerie was the least sexy thing ever.

I think that Jake likes Vienna because she acts like she is 12. So it makes him feel young. He will most likely pick her and they will last two months after the show and he will get rid of her once he gets tired of babysitting.

Ali: If you knew the "second" you got in the car that you had made a mistake...why didn't you just open the car door back up?

I am excited for the Women Tell All episode!1 It is always one of my favorites!


ManoloChooLou said...

Hey! I don't watch the Bachelor, so sorry I can't comment on it.

Responding to your comment on my blog, one of the shelters in my city has a fairly organized foster program that I signed up for. I'd check the websites of local shelters in your area to see what they have in place. I'm sure if you called just about any of them up and said you were interested in taking some animals in that they would be ecstatic. I love doing it. I've been informed that kitten season is just around the corner, so if you're looking to take in some babies, now's a good time to sign up :)

Taylor @ Jimmy Choos and a Baby Too said...

love this! I totally agree!!