Grandma brain

Yes you read that title right...I have the dreaded early onslaught of grandma brain....where you are so incredibly forgetful and can barely remember what you ate yesterday for lunch.

All kidding aside(hopefully I did not offend anyone's grandmother). I have the worst memory in the ENTIRE world. I am not kidding...just ask my husband. I can hardly remember anything. And lots of times it is large portions of my life that I acutally enjoyed that leave my memory as well. Not cool.

So in the spirit of using this blog to serve some purpose...I am going to jot down some of the fun things we did during the weekends...so that in a week...I can remember these joyous occasions. Feel free to skip this post..as it really is just for my benefit!

Friday night:

Hubs and I went to the circus. We were surrounded by lots of families that consisted of parents stressed out by their kids who were doped up on the sugar and by the amount of money they had pulled out of their wallet for a sno cone stuffed in an animal head. BUT we had a blast as we are sans child.

highlight: Watching a lady swing from the air by her hair. Really.
And the adorable elephants and their cute poses.

Saturday: Went to dinner with new friends. Ate BBQ and talked about favorite tv shows as a kid.

highlight: Finding the elusive 30 Day Shred workout that I haven't been able to find anywhere. Will begin this torture on Monday. Also, found a (straight) boy who likes the twilight series. It was hilarious hearing him talk about Edward!

Sunday: Church, then off to watch Super Bowl with friends.

highlight: watched a ridiculous amount of Smallville episodes while doing laundry.

Hung out with friends, ate great food, and watched the Saints make history! Fun!

Now if you are still with me....

How was your weekend?


Brittany Ann said...

I have grandma brain myself. I'm terrified how bad it will be when I actually become a grandma!

Garcia Family said...

Must run in our family, my memory is awful too. And just wait, it gets worse when you have a baby. I swear that parts of my brain were sucked out and transplanted into Aden, haha! I'm not kidding!

Mr. and Mrs. Stoneking said...

your post title just made me smirk.. it made me think of me! I'm that way... A LOT!