Sunday Funday

I just love Sundays don't you???!!! They are just so lazy and carefree!!! This Sunday started off with our fabulous church and awesome Sunday school which always puts me in the best mood ever!! Then we headed over to watch a Spring Training baseball game with our best friends. We sat on some blankets on one of the lawns and watched the Braves during one of the most beautiful days we have had in a while.(I may have even got some sun on these pasty white legs of mine! ) When we got home I ran to meet my friend Theresa for our weekly Starbucks date... where I fell in love with their Passion iced tea lemonade.....so incredible!! Now I am just going to do some laundry and hang out with the hubs!!! Does a day get any better!!!! Hope you all had incredible weekends!! :)


Walkin in Memphis

Some pics from Memphis.
If you squint really closely you can see Elvis' house...right across from the China Buffet


far away

take one

and again!!! gotta love the self portraits

loved this sign on Beale St.

the ST. Patrick's Day parade!!

only in Memphis...dead elvis kilt society?!?!?

we caught alot of beads..so fun!!

crowded Beale ST.

baseball stadium for my hubby!!

The peabody ducks were using this elevator...LOVE THIS TRADITION..so cute!!

Urination is the highest form of flattery

I have a story that will make you crack up..or be grossed out either one I don't know.

Two weekends ago(yeah I know a little behind on blogging in general) I went and visited my friend Meredith in Memphis. Saturday morning I wake up to her adorable little puppy Hudson jumping up on the bed to wake me up. He runs up my leg and sits right on my stomach and starts nuzzling my neck. I know, I know adorable, right? So I start petting him and cooing to him and I see him start to raise his butt up in the air. Now you don't have to be the dog whisperer to realize that this is not a good sign. He immediately jumps down off of me and then reality seeps in....literally. Through my pants and down to my underwear. The dog was not loving on me but using me as a human toilet. AWESOME.


the madness

So tomorrow it begins. Anybody know what I am talking about.

The little thing known as March Madness. My husband literally acts like a two-year old when this "special time" comes around. I mean seriously squealing excited little girl excited.

And our house looks like this for the next three weekends.
yep that is my husband last year at this time with his homemade bracket that took him about two hours to draw! Look at how proud he is.
Anybody else have a husband as crazy as mine???


Stroll down memory lane...

Due to my morning schedule at work changing up, I am getting up at the same time in the morning with two hours to myself before I go into work. Which I just adore by the way...much better than my rolling out of bed at 6 and running out the door praying I won't be late.....

I digress....I have discovered something that has brought so much joy back to my life........
Saved by the Bell..ahh the 80's birthed beloved cheese ball of a show.....If those outfits and terrible acting don't make you happy in the morning.....you may be depressed!!! Remember this show??



(before 9 am) quiet time + running one mile + one(large) bowl of honey nut cheerios + 2 episodes of saved by the bell = One very HAPPY ME in the mornings!!

Happy Hump Day!


I need to block this website from my computer

Seriously Anthropologie...why do you have to be so PERFECT...and make me so depressed that I can't afford you??? I so wish I could take all of these in my suitcase on our cruise in May.

I just LOVE THESE shoes!!

could they be any cuter?

doesn't this bathing suit just take you back....love it!!

I need this tote....so bad!!!

love this swimsuit cover-up

I just adore this white little beauty

so adorable...love it all..love the stripes, love the color, love the sash....love it all.

just love this.

Anybody have any fun plans for the weekend?? I am heading here.....

MEMPHIS!!!!!!!! I have never been here before and I am so excited. Can't wait to see my friend Meredith and see this fun city!!


It's a BOY

Now don't everybody freak out on me..... I AM NOT PREGNANT! (although I am starting to get the fever since alot of my friends either have children or are pregnant.) Our best friends are pregnant and we all just found out together two weeks ago what they are having. They did the cutest little reveal party. They had the lady put the picture in an envelope and we all opened the envelope together that night. They found out with all of their family and close friends!! Isn't that just adorable!! I love that idea and am definitely stealing it for when we are expecting!!! Here are some pictures from that night!!

Talking with my little "nephew"

the cutest cake her mom made!!!


Now I am obsessed with running clothes: Love the detail on this tank!!
I JUST LOVE this shade of green.

love the long zip-up pink!

these just look comfortable!

So this past week I started my running that I committed to do for 21 days. I was terrified of the commitment that I had made....and thought I would hate to run. Well I have now this week logged 5.5 miles of running. Pretty much a mile per day for 5 days!!! And I LOVE IT!!! I really never thought I would say that ever. I always thought people were weird for running.....I never could understand it. But not...I am pretty much a believer. And I know I haven't lost any weight really but I do think my body is beginning to tone up. Which is really all I wanted anyway!!

The only thing is now I have to up my running wardrobe. I am pretty sure I ran in the same two pairs of bottoms all this past week....(without washing them) Yeah I was pretty smelly while I ran.


JASON MESNICK.....................

IS A GIANT TOOL BAG.......ACTUALLY MAYBE THE ENTIRE TOOL SHED......WAIT ACTUALLY THE ENTIRE TOOL FACTORY................................... I hope that Molly wakes up realizes she doesn't want to date Mr. Tool Factory and that he is alone for the REST OF HIS LIFE!!! Oh and that Melissa is engaged to Hottie McHott within the year. Golly I am SO DONE WITH THIS FREAKING AWFUL SHOW.....

as you can see...this show has really gotten to me.


Pandora's Box of love

So I may have my head buried in sand..but I just recently tried Pandora.com. And let me just say that I fell in love. That little website knows more about me than my husband. Oh PANDORA, I heart you!

Not Me Monday: My First Edition

I did not ask my husband last night, while watching The Amazing Race, if he would take me as his teammate to go be on the show.

And no I most definitely DID NOT start to cry when he told me that he would not because we would kill each other.

Then of course I would never even think about then bawling and telling him that I can't belive he wouldn't be on a team with me and give him a lecture on how marriage is a team sport.

Nope not me. I would NEVER be that melodramatic over a tv show. Not me. Never.