I need to block this website from my computer

Seriously Anthropologie...why do you have to be so PERFECT...and make me so depressed that I can't afford you??? I so wish I could take all of these in my suitcase on our cruise in May.

I just LOVE THESE shoes!!

could they be any cuter?

doesn't this bathing suit just take you back....love it!!

I need this tote....so bad!!!

love this swimsuit cover-up

I just adore this white little beauty

so adorable...love it all..love the stripes, love the color, love the sash....love it all.

just love this.

Anybody have any fun plans for the weekend?? I am heading here.....

MEMPHIS!!!!!!!! I have never been here before and I am so excited. Can't wait to see my friend Meredith and see this fun city!!


Rachel said...

I love Anthropologie, too. One time I pretended like I could shop to my heart's content, and I put everything I wanted in the shopping cart. The total came to over $2,000. I think crack might be a cheaper habit. Have you ever looked at Forever21.com? Sometimes their dresses are super cute, and many are around $20.

The Ratcliffs said...

haha! yeah expensive but Awesome! I love that bathing suit! And I totally agree with the above comment about forever 21! I love that store!