It's a BOY

Now don't everybody freak out on me..... I AM NOT PREGNANT! (although I am starting to get the fever since alot of my friends either have children or are pregnant.) Our best friends are pregnant and we all just found out together two weeks ago what they are having. They did the cutest little reveal party. They had the lady put the picture in an envelope and we all opened the envelope together that night. They found out with all of their family and close friends!! Isn't that just adorable!! I love that idea and am definitely stealing it for when we are expecting!!! Here are some pictures from that night!!

Talking with my little "nephew"

the cutest cake her mom made!!!

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realolivegreen said...

We're doing something similar! We're going to have them put it in an envelope and then wait till whatever holiday is closest and then open it together. :) i like their idea too!