Now I am obsessed with running clothes: Love the detail on this tank!!
I JUST LOVE this shade of green.

love the long zip-up pink!

these just look comfortable!

So this past week I started my running that I committed to do for 21 days. I was terrified of the commitment that I had made....and thought I would hate to run. Well I have now this week logged 5.5 miles of running. Pretty much a mile per day for 5 days!!! And I LOVE IT!!! I really never thought I would say that ever. I always thought people were weird for running.....I never could understand it. But not...I am pretty much a believer. And I know I haven't lost any weight really but I do think my body is beginning to tone up. Which is really all I wanted anyway!!

The only thing is now I have to up my running wardrobe. I am pretty sure I ran in the same two pairs of bottoms all this past week....(without washing them) Yeah I was pretty smelly while I ran.

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