Not Me Monday: My First Edition

I did not ask my husband last night, while watching The Amazing Race, if he would take me as his teammate to go be on the show.

And no I most definitely DID NOT start to cry when he told me that he would not because we would kill each other.

Then of course I would never even think about then bawling and telling him that I can't belive he wouldn't be on a team with me and give him a lecture on how marriage is a team sport.

Nope not me. I would NEVER be that melodramatic over a tv show. Not me. Never.


The Pettijohn's said...

Wait til you're pregnant!

I cried from Extreme Home Makeover all the way thru the two hours of Brothers and Sisters last night...

like, CRYING. not crying.

Kendi Lea said...

We have had this exact same conversation! He told me he would choose this friend, who we dont even know that well, over me --his supportive wife.

We don't watch that show anymore...