Urination is the highest form of flattery

I have a story that will make you crack up..or be grossed out either one I don't know.

Two weekends ago(yeah I know a little behind on blogging in general) I went and visited my friend Meredith in Memphis. Saturday morning I wake up to her adorable little puppy Hudson jumping up on the bed to wake me up. He runs up my leg and sits right on my stomach and starts nuzzling my neck. I know, I know adorable, right? So I start petting him and cooing to him and I see him start to raise his butt up in the air. Now you don't have to be the dog whisperer to realize that this is not a good sign. He immediately jumps down off of me and then reality seeps in....literally. Through my pants and down to my underwear. The dog was not loving on me but using me as a human toilet. AWESOME.

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The Ratpack said...

ewwww! thats so gross : )