I get by with a little help..

Alright adorable bloggy friends!! I am in some need of some advice. I just got a coupon in the mail for 20% off of first time salon visit to Ulta. Being that I love a bargain(and I haven't had a trim in 6 months..oh for shame I know) I thought that maybe I should check out the Ulta Hair Salon. I haven't found a hair stylist here yet, so I thought why not?

Have any of you ever had your hair cut or styled by anyone from Ulta? If so, what did you think, the good, the bad, and the ugly. Give it to me. I am not asking for anything super technical but I don't want to end up walking out of there looking like this woman. EEK!

Only one more day of work, and then hubby and I are headed down to the in laws for a 3 day Easter weekend!! So excited! Haven't had a day off since Christmas and it is much overdue! Hope you all have a wonderful Easter!


All About Me

How perfect is this blog fun over at MannLand? I love that it is on Sundays, becauase I AM LAZY-DAISY on Sundays and this means I can post without having to have one creative bone in my body!! ha!

Here are the questions for this lovely Sunday afternoon!

1 - Why did you start blogging?

Actually my husband convinced me to do it. He started blogging and was always talking about how much fun it was. I decided that I would give it a shot! Now I am way more into blogging than he is.

2 - Who's the one blog friend that you would want to meet most in "real life"?

Alright, you can tell that a dude wrote the questions this time around....girls are way too nice to want to volunteer this information. This makes me think of when I was little and I used to be picked last for all of the atletic stuff...not cool. So, let's just say that there is probably not anyone out there who I wouldn't want to meet IRL!

3 - Why are you always concerned with losing that "extra 10 pounds" when chances are your husband/boyfriend/friends tell you that you look just fine the way you are?

Because we women have a sickness....and it's called ILOOKATMAGAZINESTHATAREPHOTOSHOPPEDANDITHINKISHOULDLOOKJUSTLIKETHEM syndrome. (try to say that 10 times fast)

4 - What's the one thing you wish guys could understand about you?

That we don't always need our problems to be "fixed", sometimes we just need a good shoulder to cry on...and for you to not say a word.

5 - Tattoos. How many do you have and how many are visible when you wear your "everyday" clothes?

I don't have any. I am way too fickle and change my mind too much to pick ONE thing I want on my body for then next 50 years. Wish I could get one though.

6 - What was the best year of your life and why?

The year I got engaged and married of course!! It was so fun to be a bride and amazing to be starting off my life with my wonderful man!

7 - Name three things you would do if you were a man for one day.

1)Eat everything in sight...why is it that guys never seem to gain weight? 2) Pee standing up...and lots of it...I think it would be fun!! 3)Have a total guys night...and see what they REALLY talk about without any women around!

8 - What's your alcoholic drink of choice that usually raises a few eyebrows?

Ummm....probably it raises more eyebrows that I don't usually drink anything at all Alcohol makes me sleepy and boring!!

Whew! That was fun!!


a little thing called perspective

I have to be honest with ya'll. This year has been a hard year on me. For those of you that don't know, we moved from sunny Florida to tree-filled Georgia this past June. And I DID NOT WANT TO GO. It was for my job and they gave me all of two weeks for the entire "moving" process.

It has been hard. Our town in Macon is not super hip and there do not seem to be a ton of young people around. We found a church but have yet to find a Sunday school class that we enjoy. So we have had a hard time making friends. This is the complete opposit of how life was in Florida, because we were in a VERY large Sunday school that we loved and it was effortless to make friends. So I just always envisioned that the same ease would follow our friend-making endeavors here in Florida.

So basically, I have been feeling sorry for myself for the past six months. And I HATE feeling sorry for myself. What a nasty quality that I usually do not allow myself to struggle with very often.

I have also been having problems with one of my best friends in the entire world, which has not helped the whole friend situation. Suffice it to say that feeling super confident and great about myself has not been easy these past few months.

This is not meant to be so much of a debbie downer post....there is a point to this post. And I will get on with it...

I was reminded the other day, that there are different seasons in life for a RESASON! Lately I wonder if God didn't "isolate" me on purpose. My walk with the Lord was kinda hum-drum in Florida. I still had a relationship with the Lord, but it wasn't being nurtured and as a result, it wasn't growing. Having a lot of free time on my hands has given me such a great opportunity to really LEARN about Jesus. To spend vast amounts of time with him. To study His word with a fine tooth comb. It hasn't been easy. And I have cried lots of tears over the past few months. But now, somehow, I feel like maybe all of this has a purpose. Like I am being prepared for something later on down the line. Kind of the way that winter prepares and makes way for the blooming of spring.

And that makes this season so worth it.

disclaimer:please don't see this post as a "begging for compliments". I didn't write this as a poor pitiful me, sob story. I realize my life is very blessed. But everyone has these periods of struggle in their life and I just wanted to remember mine. Thanks for reading my thoughts as always.


Life without these just wouldn't be worth living

Wow....how is it already that time of the week again?? I feel like just yesterday I was posting my top two from last week! This week Taylor sure picked a doozy.....Top Two Things I can't live without....this one was hard for me. I just really don't consistently use a lot of things....I couldn't think of one product or anything. So I have genres instead! Oh and as Taylor said it is a given that Jesus, family, friends, hubby would be on this list....but that would be boring. So after them, THESE are the things I can't live without.


How sweet is that picture?(no pun intended!) I have probably one of the most INTENSE sweet tooths you will ever come across. I know everyone says that they love sweets...but seriously I eat some kind of sweet at least twice a day if not more. It is an addiction.....and part of the reason I had to start The Shred..ahem. So yeah my life would not go on without some form of candy. And I am not picky about what kind. If it is sugary, colorful, and bad for me...I will probably adore it.

2. Jewelry

Another sickness...the amount of jewelry I have is kinda ridiculous. You will never ever see me anywhere without some sort of jewelry on. Even if I am just going to the grocery store or the gas station. My body must be bejeweled. I just don't feel right without any on.

What are your favs that you can't go a day without?

images from weheartit.com


Blog Award!

A sweet new friend, Natalie, over at Extraordinary Love awarded me this award the other day!! THANK YOU SO MUCH NATALIE!!

The blog award is so awesome...it makes me laugh because it definitely does not take itself too seriously.

Alright...so the rules go like this:

1. List 6 things you are a master in.
2. Pass it onto 6 bloggers you think are masters at friendship and make blogging awesome.

6 Things I am a "Master" in:

1)Accidentally Beating up my husband. Literally. At least once or twice every day I accidentally hit him or step on his foot, or punch him in the nose with my elbow....He usually has bruises on him from me. Poor guy, the man is a saint for putting up with me.

2)Falling Asleep. Yeah you may be wondering how someone could be a master at falling asleep...but you obviously haven't seen me fall alseep standing up yet......

3) Writing down EVERYTHING in my planner. I LOVE TO DO THIS. So much that sometimes I even write stuff down after I have already done it just because it makes me happy to write in my planner.

4) Laughing at myself. You will NEVER EVER see me take myself too seriously. I am the first one to laugh at myself.

5)Giving thoughtful gifts. Ok so this one really sounds kinda conceited, but I LOVE to give gifts and I try really hard to make sure it is something really special. In fact I even have criteria that make for a great gift that I live by.

6)Messing up Directions. For realz. I have a problem.....I can get lost anywhere...and trust me that just becuase I have a set of directions and a GPS....this does not mean I am in the clear....this sista can still get lost.

Let's see.....now for the wonderful bloggers to give this to...this is hard because there are so many blogs that I just LOVE to read!!!

1) Brittany at Living In the Moment( she has the best writing style)
2) Courtney at With Gratitude( we would so be friends if we lived in the same town!)
3) Lindsay at The Lee Family ( she has the best little craft ideas)
4) Elizabeth at All This and Brains Too! ( usually the things she posts about...I feel the exact same way about)
5) Rachel at Apron Strings( she just CRACKS me up)
6) Kendi at Kendi Everyday( an IRL friend who has the best daily style and who is hysterical!)


Wife of the Year, right here!!

If your husbands are anything like mine, they are ecstatic right now because the Holy Grail of all sports events is here. If you don't know what I am talking about then lucked out in your marriage friends!

The Month of the Madness! My husband is SO GIDDY right now. He LOVES March Madness. He eats, drinks, and breathes it for the entire two weeks.

But my husband is unique in one aspect. He has, ever since I can remember, made a homemade bracket on posterboard that then is hung up on a wall. As the different games play out, he will fill in the bracket accordingly. And he spends hours meticulously drawing out the bracket and making sure everything is perfectly straight and even. I know....extreme, huh?

Well this week he went out of town for school and did not have time to make one before he left. So being the WONDERFUL wife that I am, I volunteered to make it for him.

Friends, I spent FOUR hours on this thing. Trying to make it just like he does, trying to make it perfect. It is now hanging up on our wall waiting for him to come home!! I know, I know......this my friends is TRUE LOVE!!

See the finished product below. And yes, this will hang in our house every day until the Madness is over!!! Oh marriage.

Told you it is HUGE!!

And just so you think I haven't completely lost my mind and turned into a boy....here is a picture of the lovely and adorable shoes I bought yesterday!!! Thank goodness these shoes totally confirm and redeem my girl-ness!


Top 2 Tuesday:Style Edition

Happy Tuesday Lovely Ladies! Jumping in on Taylor's Top Two Tuesday: Celebrity Style. Oh man, oh man was this hard for me! There are so many great celebs out there but I tried to pick people who I would want their closet and those who I love their enttire style from head to toe.

1.Lauren Conrad

To me, she is the right combo of trendy and classic. The trend never wears her...she is always "in charge" of the trend, so to speak. She also dresses very age appropriate without being skankerific! And I love that she can go boho chic to looking superpolished and pull both looks off. Also, I just want her hair so bad!!

2. Reese Witherspoon

Sister usually kills it on the red carpet and there is never a bad picture taken of her, even when she is casual. She is so effortlessly classy and never looks like she is trying too hard.


Mondy Misc.

I had the most delightful weekend, friends!! I hope ya'll did too!!

We didn't do anything too exciting or spectacular....BUT there was a WE in my weekend!!! For the past 16789 months(ok really 4) hubby has been practicing, traveling, watching game tape, having games with the basketball team he works with. So, let's just say there has been a whole lotta ME time and not a lotta WE time. especially on the weekends. If the team wasn't traveling on the weekends, then they were having a game day which would require the hubs to be gone from 8am on Saturday until after the game was over that afternoon or night.

(Hubby: if you are reading this, look away RIGHT THIS INSTANT)

But(PRAISE THE LORD HALLELUJAH) basketball season is over!!!!

My poor husband is heartbroken. Me? Not so much.

So that dear friends is why our weekend was so great. He was mine all mine the entire weekend. And we took full advantage! Oh man I cuddled the heck out of that boy! :)

Friday night: We watched Up In the Air- It was a good movie but the ending was TERRIBLE...def entertaining. But glad we got it from the 1.00 red box, if ya know what I am saying!

Saturday: I did some serious shopping on someone else's dime.....love that!!!(shout out to the daddy-o on a great Valentine's present)
Then hubs and I went to dinner and cuddled around the house!

Sunday: Went to church....hubs left for a week for school. :(

Did some chores around the house.

All in all a great weekend!

Random tangent: Have you guys watched that new show on TLC-Hoarders? Oh my gracious...this show is so amazing!!! It is utterly fascinating....I LOVE stuff like this. I love to see the different ways the brain works(I swear I should have majored in psychology but didn't). And I couldn't tear my eyes away from this show. This one guy had his house piled with stuff up to his waist...and you could not see the floor. He literally had to just walk on all of this crap to get around his house. I don't know how he cooks, never mind showers...the kid could barely get in the door. Crazy the type of attachment your brain can make to inanimate objects. Good thing hubby was out of town...he thinks I am a weirdo for liking shows like that! But I can't be the only one who loves stuff like this, right readers?


Day dreamin'

Happy Friday ya'll!! Here's to wishing.......

That I could be here:

Eating this:

While wearing this!!!

But instead I am at work!! Oh well!! A girl can dream! Have a great weekend!


And the Oscar goes to....

I thought the Oscars were SO good last night! I loved Steve Martin hosting, loved the dancers, loved the way they announced the Best Actors/Actresses. And for the most part loved the dresses that were picked!

Let's start with the BIG Fails of the night!!!

And the Fabulousness award goes to

Also, I thought Sandra was so ridiculously classy with her acceptance speech...love her.

BUT I thought Monique was so CLASSLESS with her remark as she won Best Supporting Actress.

"Thank you to the Academy for showing that this award can actually be about the performance and not the politics"

Really Monique...did you HAVE to go there...borrow some class from Sandra...she is oozing it.


Friday Laugh

Happy Friday Ya'll!!!

I was just sent this picture by my dad via email and I almost peed my pants when I saw it.

I figured you could all use a laugh to get you through the last few hours of your Friday...and hey if that laugh needs to come at my expense then I am more than happy to oblige!!

Holy moly if that little girl down in front isn't seven kinds of awkward, I don't know what is....I mean honestly could my pants BE any higher??? And really.....why are my eyes completely closed...and lordy lordy those glasses!!! Haha!

Everyone have a great weekend!!


Top 2 Tuesday..... on Wednesday

This is my first time to get to participate in Taylor's Lovely Top 2 Tuesday!! Just pretend that I did this on Tuesday and not Wednesday, k? I just found this lovely lady not that long ago and I just adore her!! If you are not following-you are missing out!

Drumroll please..............

1. Forever 21....at 24?

Yeah that's right, I am 24 and I shop at Forever 21!!! I am not even ashamed. I LOVE this store. My life would not be complete without it! I bet 95% of my closet is from there! I just love all of the cute trends for the cheap!

2. Marshall's

Have I mentioned that I am a complete cheapo? I LOVE ME A BARGAIN. And if you find a good Marshall's(some of them are horrible) you can find some of the best designer jeans, purses, shoes, and clothes around! Plus, I really like the feeling of accomplishment I get when I do find something after all of that digging through the rack. It makes me feel like I really deserve to buy what I find after all of that hard work! :)

What are your must stop places to shop?


On the wings of...........something.

But I'm not so sure about love.

What did you think last night fellow Bachelor lovers??

So of course no one was suprised when Vienna won last night.....I thought the episode made it completely obvious who won....way to not try to confuse us at all, ABC.

Oh my gosh-Tenley is a doll. Somebody get that girl a man STAT!!! She needs to be adored because she is so stinkin precious!!!

I thought Jake was pretty harsh on the boat with Tenley...hey Jake that thing that you were trying to talk about on the boat? It really was just about the sexual part of the relationship. Just admit it.

I cried the whole time that he was dumping Tenley. Gosh she is just so sweet. It broke my heart to see her upset. But I thought she was a class act.

It was so unbelievably awkward at Vienna's meet with the parents. She is walking poster child for what NOT to do when you meet the parents.

Jake-way to not say ANYTHING when Vienna calls Tenley a robot. Spineless.

What the heck is wrong with Jake's family.....at first they were smart and didn't like Vienna. Then they all of sudden had a change of heart after she made fun of everyone including Jake? So confused. I really think ABC paid them to say nice things about Vienna.

Vienna-if 25 women have a problem with you....it is not because secretly inside you are super nice.

I really thought it was cruel and unusual punishment for Jake to give Vienna back her father's ring and make her think that she was getting dumped.

Whoever did Vienna's hair and makeup gets a BIG Hallelujah from me! Best she has ever looked.

I almost peed my pants when they brought the guy out to sing "on the wings of love" to the "happy" couple.

How many people want to take bets on how long it will be before he pulls a "Mesnick" and wants to get back with Tenley?