Life without these just wouldn't be worth living

Wow....how is it already that time of the week again?? I feel like just yesterday I was posting my top two from last week! This week Taylor sure picked a doozy.....Top Two Things I can't live without....this one was hard for me. I just really don't consistently use a lot of things....I couldn't think of one product or anything. So I have genres instead! Oh and as Taylor said it is a given that Jesus, family, friends, hubby would be on this list....but that would be boring. So after them, THESE are the things I can't live without.


How sweet is that picture?(no pun intended!) I have probably one of the most INTENSE sweet tooths you will ever come across. I know everyone says that they love sweets...but seriously I eat some kind of sweet at least twice a day if not more. It is an addiction.....and part of the reason I had to start The Shred..ahem. So yeah my life would not go on without some form of candy. And I am not picky about what kind. If it is sugary, colorful, and bad for me...I will probably adore it.

2. Jewelry

Another sickness...the amount of jewelry I have is kinda ridiculous. You will never ever see me anywhere without some sort of jewelry on. Even if I am just going to the grocery store or the gas station. My body must be bejeweled. I just don't feel right without any on.

What are your favs that you can't go a day without?

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...::Mrs. Southern Bride::... said...

I love jewelry too, I HAVE to wear earrings, even if I'm going to the gym, ha!

Brittany said...

Yummm... that candy bar is too cute! I would love to have a jewelry area like that in my bedroom. SOOO cute!!! I'm not sure if I could live without my jewelry.

Beth McC. said...

Great Picks! I Love me some candy! Your blog is precious!! Thanks for sharing, Happy Tuesday!!

Lauren said...

Great picks!! I'm a new follower, I love your blog!

Laura said...

OH MY! Is that a picture of all your jewelry? I'm in love!!!!

Taylor @ The Undomestic Momma said...

love it! I always have to have jewelry on too!

Alissa said...

I love your picks and I couldn't agree more. I love jewelry it just completes the outfit.

Aly @ Analyze This said...

Hello! Cute blog!! :)

Jewelry...Ahh, yes! I feel naked without earrings and my charm bracelets!