Friday Laugh

Happy Friday Ya'll!!!

I was just sent this picture by my dad via email and I almost peed my pants when I saw it.

I figured you could all use a laugh to get you through the last few hours of your Friday...and hey if that laugh needs to come at my expense then I am more than happy to oblige!!

Holy moly if that little girl down in front isn't seven kinds of awkward, I don't know what is....I mean honestly could my pants BE any higher??? And really.....why are my eyes completely closed...and lordy lordy those glasses!!! Haha!

Everyone have a great weekend!!


Courtney said...

You're cute! If it makes you feel better, everyone has an awkward stage. At least you went through yours when you were young and most people won't remember. =)

Alissa said...

Aww you're adorable for posting this. I couldn't post some of mine, I'd be way too humiliated. Thank goodness the phase is over.

Brittany Ann said...

Been there, sister! We've all had that awkward look at some time in our life!