On the wings of...........something.

But I'm not so sure about love.

What did you think last night fellow Bachelor lovers??

So of course no one was suprised when Vienna won last night.....I thought the episode made it completely obvious who won....way to not try to confuse us at all, ABC.

Oh my gosh-Tenley is a doll. Somebody get that girl a man STAT!!! She needs to be adored because she is so stinkin precious!!!

I thought Jake was pretty harsh on the boat with Tenley...hey Jake that thing that you were trying to talk about on the boat? It really was just about the sexual part of the relationship. Just admit it.

I cried the whole time that he was dumping Tenley. Gosh she is just so sweet. It broke my heart to see her upset. But I thought she was a class act.

It was so unbelievably awkward at Vienna's meet with the parents. She is walking poster child for what NOT to do when you meet the parents.

Jake-way to not say ANYTHING when Vienna calls Tenley a robot. Spineless.

What the heck is wrong with Jake's family.....at first they were smart and didn't like Vienna. Then they all of sudden had a change of heart after she made fun of everyone including Jake? So confused. I really think ABC paid them to say nice things about Vienna.

Vienna-if 25 women have a problem with you....it is not because secretly inside you are super nice.

I really thought it was cruel and unusual punishment for Jake to give Vienna back her father's ring and make her think that she was getting dumped.

Whoever did Vienna's hair and makeup gets a BIG Hallelujah from me! Best she has ever looked.

I almost peed my pants when they brought the guy out to sing "on the wings of love" to the "happy" couple.

How many people want to take bets on how long it will be before he pulls a "Mesnick" and wants to get back with Tenley?


Elizabeth said...

Although I didn't watch any of The Bachelor this season, I appreciate your update on the finale. haha. All my friends have been talking about it! I'm glad to get a good summary. At least I now have a little bit of an idea of what EVERYONE ELSE is talking about!! =)

Holmans said...

I totally agree to all of the above...I watched the entire season and you pretty much summed up exactly the way I felt about the finale! I am a bit embarrassed that Jake is from Texas! Hello...he needs to catch a clue!