Baby it's cold outside

To go along with the rest of the blogosphere....I must say that it is unseasonably cold here in little ol Georgia! I am freezing my bum off and I have literally been living in my coat for the past few weeks. I love a great coat and how it can make you feel so polished no matter what you are wearing underneath......I could be wearing a trash bag or pajamas underneath and as long as I have a great coat on...no one will be any the wiser. And if this weather doesn't go away very quickly I may actually have to result to wearing trash bags since I am running out of cold weather clothing. ;)

Here are some beauties that I am drooling over and wish I could add to my little closet during this harsh few weeks of winter....... I give you a week in coats!


I mean if this isn't the definition of an adorable little trenchcoat...then I don't know what is.


I mean honestly,the detail on this jacket is just beyond. The neck, the little pleats, the little cinching at the waist. Wish I could get away with the model's fab haircut too!


I just adore white coats in the winter...never mind that they get ridiculously dirty. Doesn't this just scream...walk through a snow covered park in me?


This is a leather jacket people.......OhmygoodnessIlovethismorethanwordscansay. Maybe it is not the warmest thing...but if loving this jacket is wrong...I don't want to be right.

Ok this looks like a dress......Just pair with cute textured tights and you don't even need to wear anything else. You can thank me later for getting you dressed in ten seconds.


And where would this little group be without a red jacket...and it is leather to boot...pair with some skinnies and great heels...and you are ready to tackle your Saturday errands.


Alright...I can't even see the front of this jacket...and you know what?? IDONTCARE. It doesn't matter...this coat could be disastrous in the front and I would probably still love it...oh that back is just beautiful...perfect and dainty for Sunday at church!!

Now I just need to win the lottery! ;)


Courtney said...

Ooooh I love Wednesday's white coat. But you're right, they do get dirty really easily

KJ said...

What a CUTIE blog- so glad I came across it! I'm totally on a jacket kick too! Such cute finds! Can't wait to read more... I'm your newest follower!