I am starving blogger friends. LITERALLY. Why you ask? Well because I have decided to do something that I always thought I would never do. I am trying to count my calorie intake. I am trying to stay below 1600 calories a day. YES THIS IS HARD. I really haven't ever watched what I ate until now. I am trying desperately to shrink this stomach. I swear it is the size of a 5 gallon trash bag in my body. I am ALWAYS so hungry and I eat so much. I have been trying to trim up and running every day has not had as much effect as I would like. So I decided I need to just plain eat less. But I am starving....anybody else have any tips for feeling more full on less food?

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Annie said...

i can relate!
i've done this a few different times. your body will adjust, it just takes a few days for your tum to shrink.
you should eat a little snack if you get hungry though, something filling but lower in cals. pb and celery, pb and half an apple.
best of luck darling :)

p.s. just happened upon your blog! super cute!!