And we're outta here..

Tomorrow we are heading to a Tee-ninny(that's southern speak for Tiny) town for my husband's church reunion. This was a church he grew up in and his dad was the pastor for and apparently everyone has left the church since then and are all coming back this weekend to reconnect!! I will know NO ONE but it will be fun to meet all these people that I have heard in stories. I have to pack tonight and I am having trouble since my husband put the pressure on by saying " Babe, I want to show you off so look great...oh yeah and we are probably going to be doing a lot of athletic stuff". GREAT!! So I have to look fabulous while probably playing something hot and sweaty like kickball while I meet lots of people who adore my husband and will probably judge me lots( just kidding about that last part! :) ) So I have a serious challenge tonight trying to figure out what to pack!!!
Love road trips!! Hope you all have a fabulous weekend!! :)

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Holmans said...

Yay! Lovin your blog! You are looking gorgeous as ever!