What I did......

This past weekend my sweet parents came in town for a visit and did we have fun!!! I took Friday off and made it a 3 day weekend!

First thing Friday morning, we went to the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta. WOWEE that aquarium was awesome.

Me and mom(check out the HUGE whale shark in the tank behind us)

haha...peephole photo op!!

in front of the fishes!!

the alligator swam up to my hand....booooo alligators.

with hubs in front of another tank!!! Look at that HUGE sting ray behind us!!! Makes you feel really small to see these huge magnificent creatures.

Mom and Dad.

beautiful flower.

hanging out in Olympic Park with the fam!

Then we headed to the Varsity for some lunch and spent the rest of the day shopping!!
Saturday we woke up and headed over to the Hay House for a tour. This hous was built in the 1860's and has been preserved. Soo neat!

in front of the door...yes I am breaking the rule...white after Labor Day. When it is this hot outside...you can get away with it! :)

What a beautiful house.

Sunday after church

my love!! Thanks for coming to visit Mom and Dad!! We had a blast!!!!!


Barry said...


It isn't very often that you have a daughter that you adore and love who actually have fun hanging around with doing things with. We had a great time and will alway treasure these moments. We love you


Barry said...

Boy what a disgraceful letter. I did take English in school. I meant to say that we had a great time with our daughter and her husband and they are very neat people also.