the smell of a good book....

One of my all-time top five favorite parts of being out of school is being able to read whatever I want when I want and not having to be forced to read something incredible boring and mind-numbing. So I have really been a reading machinge as of late. I just recently got done reading a book called "The Shape of Mercy". It is about this girl who takes on this project to transcribe a really old journal from the Salem Witch trials. Mercy, is a girl from this time period who is accused of being a witch and the journal is her account of that experience. Now if you are into history even slightly(and even if you aren't) you will love this book. This book tells two different stories in one book. You not only walk through the main character of the book but you also read through the journal of Mercy as she goes through the Salem witch trials. This author is so refreshing as she engages you in both stories. The best part of this book is that is tackles the concept of passing judgement without knowledge both in the 1600's and today. And you see that the effects while slightly different still have the same consequences. The author also weaves the powerful theme of love through this book and how its healing powers can overcome this judgement. This book is a must read. I read it in about two days and loved every second.

And now I am reading the book "The Shack". Now this book has been slightly controversial as of late and I decided to take a stab at it. I am in the middle so I can't really give my final opinion. but so far I am enjoying it. The main thing about this book is that you can't take it for fact. And I think that so many people believe that the author wrote it as an account of what it would be like for us to meet God/Jesus. And it is clearly not. But anyways check it out. Now I just need a REALLY rainy day so I can lay on the couch and read the rest of my book with the smell of wet grass coming in my screen door....HEAVEN.:)

Anyone got any good reads???

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